UN Security Council to debate Israeli ‘War Crimes’ in Gaja

Today’s national and international news papers published a news indicating that the United Nations Security Council would debate Israeli ‘War Crimes’ committed during Dec’08-Jan’09 Gaza. The UN has brought forward a regular Security Council meeting on the Middle East after Libya demanded an urgent debate on alleged war crimes in Gaza. Arab states say the 14 October debate must tackle a report which criticised Israel, after the US argued against an emergency session dedicated to it. Fallowing a Palestinian request the UN Human Rights Council delayed its debate on the findings of the Goldstone report. . Libya’s envoy to the Security Council said its aim was to see that the momentum be kept alive. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has come under sharp criticism at home for requesting the UNHRC delay, which followed intense pressure from the US and Isrel. State department spokesman Ian Kelly insisted the US focus was solely on reviving the stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace process and wanted “to clear the decks of any issues that might impede our progress towards this”. Palestinian officials voiced “full support” for Libya’s efforts to get the issue on the agenda of the Security Council, and senior PA politician Yasser Abed Rabbo has called the request for a UNHCR delay a “mistake”. Mr. Abbas himself has ordered an “investigation” into how his own government made the decision, in an apparent attempt to head off a wave of anger and protests.

It is also said that the rivalry between Palestinian factions Fatah and Hamas has lead Mohummad Abbas to request for delay. It is widely believed that there have been hidden ties between Israel and PA, which controls Fatah, so as to defeat ‘Hamas’ the more radical Palestinian Organisation. Palestinian West Bank is governed by PA at present where as Gaza Strip is governed by Hamas faction. Israel has been effectively making use of the rivalry between PA and Hamas through the policy of ‘divide and rule’, without compromising it’s racial attacks on either areas ruled by Palestinian factions. Interestingly enough, after successfully destroying most of ‘Gaza’ during deadliest “Dec ’08 – Jan ’09 war” now Israel is busy constructing new settlements in occupied West Bank. Palestinian factions must find some way out to resolve their rivalry and form a single Palestinian Organisation.                 ……nvs

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