Israel Plans ‘Military Probe’ Review to Divert Pressure

26/11/2009 | 7:30pm GMT+5:30 | nvs

Benjamin Netanyahu (Right)

Benjamin Netanyahu (Right)

Increasing internal and external pressures have lead Israeli Government to rethink about its firm stand of denying re-probe of what UN commission accused as war crimes committed by IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) during its attack on Gaza in Dec ’08-Jan09 period. It has been under severe pressure to set up independent probe commission to look into war crimes allegations raised by Richard Goldstone lead commission set up by UNHRC. Israel denied every allegation made in ‘Goldstone Report’ and accused Goldstone of having done biased investigation who was himself a South African Jew having a well built house in Israel. Mr. Richard Gold stone rejected Israeli allegations and challenged the US to concrete examples of any flaw in his report submitted to UNHRC. The report accused both IDF and Hamas with targeting civilians during the war. Major part of the report consisted description of war crimes committed by IDF. Both parties accused Goldstone of being biased. The report recommended for both sides to conduct independent inquiries failing which would lead them to face international prosecution at Hague. The report was passed in UNSC meeting with 25-6 votes.

As per the BBC report, Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister David Ayalon told “another investigation could be conducted if it was necessary to prove… there were no wrongdoings”. He insisted Israeli army probes by military investigators were already “completely independent… but we are looking into further reviews as    we will see fit“. Along with UN commission number of other human rights investigations have accused that

Palestinian boy sitting infront of his destroyed house

Palestinian boy sitting infront of his destroyed house

Israeli Army had committed horrendous war crimes. They said that IDF had principally failed to distinguish between military and civilian targets. Goldstone accused that the civilian targeting was deliberate. All these investigations have brought collective pressure on Israel to conduct another independent probe. Even Israeli ministries also advised the same. Last week, Israel’s Intelligence Minister and deputy Prime Minister Dan Meridor called upon the Prime Minister to conduct an independent inquiry. Various correspondents say that pressure has also come from the justice and foreign ministries. On Sunday, an Israeli government source was quoted saying Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak “hope” that holding a review of the military investigations “will put this issue to rest“, as per BBC report.

Actually Israel has been on campaign of accusing Iran of developing nuclear weapons secretly. It was insisting to place further international sanctions against Iran. It has accused Iran’s President Ahmadinejad of denying ‘holocaust’ during 2nd World War (holocaust was shown as the reason for creation of Israel state on Palestine Land by western countries) repeatedly with the help of international electronic and print media which was a naked lie, produced by Israeli lead international media tycoons. Pronouns, metaphors contained in Ahmadinejad’s speeches were replaced by media’s own assumptions without any relevance, to derive the required meaning that would picture him in the way what Israel wants to. Even BBC also took part in such lie campaign. With the release of Richard Goldstone’s report and the first time ever direct talks between the heads of Iran and the US have proved to be a death blow to Israel’s hate campaign on Iran. International attention took U-turn and pressure started to increase on Israel. Israel now wants to divert this attention and pressure so as to restart its usual hate campaign on Iran to thwart the US’s new stand to maintain soft outlook on Iran. Russia’s denial to further sanctions on Iran and China’s increasing trade relations with Iran made it impossible to place new sanctions on Iran. This fact has also influenced the US to reshape its relations with Iran. Now the major part of the international atmosphere has turned against Israel. It is also a fact that this position cannot be assumed to exist even for a considerable period. This is just a tactical and temporary adjustment arranged by global players. Permanent strategy could always be pro-Israel.


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