Hyderabad shut over new state demand

Reuters | HYDERABAD | Thu Dec 24, 2009 | 4:48pm IST

Protesters demanding a new state be carved in southern India shut down the IT hub of Hyderabad while local lawmakers began resigning en masse which could force the government to call a mid-term poll. India air-lifted central police from New Delhi as students clashed with policemen leaving about a dozen injured. About 82 lawmakers in the 294 Andhra Pradesh state assembly also resigned. The protests came after the Congress-ruled central government appeared to backtrack from its original decision to allow the creation of Telangana, placing the decision in the hands of the state legislature.

In early December, the government in a surprise move announced it would push for the formation of a Telangana state after violent protests and a hunger strike by a leading politician shut down Hyderabad. The Congress party, which rules the state, convened an all party meeting in Hyderabad to resolve the crisis in a move experts said was aimed at avoiding a mid-term poll or central rule. “A mid-term poll or even central rule is something the Congress party does not want as it will damage their popularity,” said N. Bhaskara Rao of the Centre for Media Studies.      “The Congress will continue to distance itself from the mess it has created and ask the local government to sort this issue among themselves,” said Amulya Ganguli, a political commentator. Hyderabad houses firms like Microsoft, Google and Mahindra Satyam and had increasingly been surfacing as an alternative to Bangalore.

Many businesses and educational institutions were shut and road transport came to a grinding halt during a 48-hour shutdown called by demonstrators on Thursday in favour of the new Telangana state to be carved out of Andhra Pradesh. Since then, there have been protests by both demonstrators both for and against the creation of Telangana. Since independence in 1947, India has had to balance the challenges of maintaining different peoples under one federal system as well as the relationship between central power in the capital Delhi and the states of the world’s largest democracy.


One comment

  1. asdadads

    Credibility of current telangana movement by KCR & students:

    1.division is not a simple family problem.we should be careful of what we ask and careful of whom we give power to after getting telangana.Its a higly responsible task.

    2.our politicians incapability or selfishness is reason for the underdevelopment in Telangana and not the andhra people.90 percent of Telangana politicians amassed atleast 100 crores by using power instead of fighting for peoples problems.

    3.what was done to alleviate problems in telangana by our telangana politicians?

    4.Who takes responsibility for development. Will anybody(who is supporting telangana state) take oath that they will face death penalty if Telangana is not developed by our politicians even after 10 years of telangana formation?


    6.Those who are involved in the telangana agitation right now are politicians who donot have any ministries.Those who donot have any jobs or those who have government jobs and will never loose them at any cost and the students who anyway have no responsibilities or burdens whatsoever are the ones who are agitating.

    7.Instead of asking the telangana politicians of what they have tried to solve the problems of telangana area,people fell in to the trap of sentimental blackmail by politicians, especially KCR.Remember,He had not done anything as M.P or central Minister in his entire career.How can we trust & give a state to him

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