UN asks Oz to investigate ‘root cause’ of attacks on Indian

PTI | msn news | UN(Geneva) | 05/03/2010

United Nations has described as "disturbing" the continuing attacks on Indians in Australia, with its rights commissioner Navi Pillay asking Canberra to get to the bottom of the matter. "While the Australian authorities have questioned whether these incidents were racially-motivated, there is a need for concerted attention by federal and state authorities, both in terms of the investigation and prosecution of such crimes, as well as addressing the root causes behind such violence," UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Pillay said.

The top UN official described that the spate of attacks on Indian residents in Australia as "disturbing", and called for the government of Australia to get to the bottom of the matter. There have been over 100 cases of attacks on Indians, mostly on students, in Australia since the last year.

Pillay also expressed concern at the continuing human rights violations in Sri Lanka. "The opportunity for peace and reconciliation continues to be marred by the treatment of journalists, human rights defenders and other critics of the   

Government," Pillay told the Human Rights Council in Geneva. "I am convinced that Sri Lanka should undertake a full reckoning of the grave violations committed by all sides during the war, and that the international community can be helpful in this regard," she said.

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