Toyota: Chinese car parts supplier hit by strike action

BBC News | Friday, 18 June 2010 | 07:37 GMT

Toyoda strike Workers at a Chinese parts supplier to Toyota have gone on strike over wages, the second supplier to the carmaker this week to be hit by strike action. Workers at the Toyoda Gosei plant in the northern city of Tianjin began striking on Thursday. Toyota production has not yet been hit by the strike, the carmaker said. Another of Japan’s big carmakers, Honda, was forced to halt production last week at two assembly plants in China after workers went on strike.

"We are aware of the strike at Tianjin Toyoda Gosei. We are checking its impact on production and will continue to closely monitor the situation," said Toyota spokesman Hideaki Homma. A spokesman for the workers said they were still negotiating over pay and did not know when production would resume.

The latest walkout follows a strike at another plastics plant in Tianjin earlier this week. Last week, Honda production was hit by walkouts at exhaust-maker Foshan Fengfu Auto parts. This was the second time in two weeks that its Chinese production had been hit by a walkout over pay at a local supplier. The strikes come as labour disputes over pay are growing in number in China.



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    • V SEKHAR

      Hi friend
      I don’t get you. What sid harth said was, I think, Chinese govt is not communist to show concern for striking workers, but capitalist that shows it’s might to suppress protests like what happened in ‘T’man Square’ at the end of Eighties. But still I can’t understand your question on Sid Harth’s comment. What do you intend to say actually?

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  3. navanavonmilita

    Strike while the iron is hot: Sid Harth

    Political pundits, warned of China’s dragon. China was sleeping, a deep slumber of isolation. The chinese dragon has gone, do you think?

    Hell no. The communism-dragon is not sleeping nor is it down. It is wide awake and China’s communist turned capitalist big bosses are losing their sleep.

    Fun has just begun. Await for gun slinging guards to march in and mow down the blind strikers into dust, a must to keep the aura of China’s authority from tarnish, or else it would vanish.

    Tianmen, dejaview, all over again? You bet.

    …and I am Sid Harth

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