Govt., oil companies to discuss petrol pricing – oil secretary

Reuters | 30/06/2010

A Bunk Oil firms and the government will jointly take a decision on how often petrol prices should be revised, Oil Secretary S. Sundareshan told reporters on Wednesday. The government ended price controls on petrol last week.

…..           ……           ……

And that is it. Whenever the Govt. takes a decision to take up reforms path (to satisfy global as well as local private investors, as stipulated by the neo-liberal ‘troika’, LPG – Liberalisation, Privatisation and Globalisation – stock markets get boost. Investor sentiments touch high skies. Imperialist bosses of the Govt.’s higher echelons tap shoulders of Indian lawmakers on positive note. And finally burden on head of the common man multiplies. Reforms mean anti-people and pro-plunderers. Reforms are for the welfare of the haves. Reforms are for widening further the gap between haves and have-nots.   

One question so far unanswered is: Govt. and oil companies will discuss petrol pricing but people excluded who actually bears the brunt. Soaps manufacturer decides the price of his soap and Govt. accepts; televisions’ manufacturer decides the price of his television, Govt. accepts; fertilizers’ manufacturer decides the price of his fertilizer, Govt. accepts; But manufacturers of agricultural produces i.e. the former or peasant cannot decide the price of his produce. If he does, Govt. won’t accept. Why the difference? Why the disparity?


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