Indian Muslims are not terrorists, says US official

IANS | Yahoo News | Sat, Jul 2010 | 07:04 PM

India’s 160 million Muslims are not terrorists and are tired of their community being defined as terrorists just because someone of their faith ‘does something bad’, says a top Indian-American official who is charged with reaching out to the community. ‘I talk about the bloggers that I meet in India who are tired of Muslims being defined as terrorists,’ Farah Pandith, US Special Representative to the Muslim community, said in a web chat Friday. ‘They’re getting out there and talking about what’s happening in India, with 160 million Muslims in India – all of whom, by the way, are not terrorists, excuse me,’ asserted the Indian-American State Department official.

Articulating US attempts at fostering a positive dialogue with the world’s 1.4 billion Muslims, Pandith made clear that she tries not to speak of a single monolithic ‘Muslim world’. ‘The narrative has to change by the conversations that we are having, and not to put everything in one big bucket, just because, obviously, somebody maybe of one faith that does something bad does not mean that everybody of that faith is in that same bucket,’ she said in response to a question. ‘We have to listen. We have to hear what it is they are experiencing. Their expertise is better than somebody in Washington saying what must be,’ said the official who has travelled to 25 countries in the last nine months talking to Muslims. 

Muslims are trying very hard to push away any kind of narrative that would give that impression, Pandith said. ‘We as Muslims do not support the use of violence in any way, shape or form. ‘It’s talking about diversity, and it’s talking about things that this country stands for. When we talk about the West, Muslims are part of the West. There are 30 million Muslims in Western Europe. There are millions of Muslims in America,’ she said. ‘It’s not us versus them,’ said Pandith. ‘It’s not the West versus the East. It’s not America versus Islam. The president has talked very clearly about the fact that Islam is part of America.’


One comment

  1. navanavonmilita

    Of Elephant and Diplomatic Mouse: Sid Harth

    May Allah be Praised. (PBUH)

    Farah, hyphenated Indian-American, surely ain’t no Pundit. Pandith, she, surely is. Pandering to the non existent Muslims of the world. The secular, non-violent, tame, well tempered, fair and progressive, westernized in education and attitude. Oh well. I ran out of attributes to describe Muslims of her concoction. Indeed, it is a harebrained concoction of president Barack Obama.

    Just look around the various newsgroups discussions, blogs, blog comments, internet versions of Indian newspapers, media channels where comments are not only allowed but encouraged.

    Pure venom drips from anonymous posters. Some of them have ati-American, anti-Indian screen names. Some even romp with genuine Indian names. All ready, willing, wanting to destroy America, the Satan of the west.

    With this kind of pitiful, pathetic, pandering, diplomacy American foreign policy cannot win, not even one single Muslim’s heart.

    Stop kidding around Farah, you ain’t got guts and gumption to face the reality. Muslims cannot be truly westernized. They cannot. They may try, as some do but that amounts to a drop in ocean.

    Farah, my dear, take my message to Barack, tell him I sent you.

    …and I am Sid Harth

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