Google Goes Totally “Evil” — Wants to Destroy the Internet That Made It So Rich

Yep, it’s true. Some 5 groups have started a campaign against a deal between Google, Verizon and AT&T which effectively compromises the concept of ‘Internet Neutrality’. Google is nothing but evil. It is using technology to control the world on behalf of it’s undisclosed bosses. The veil on the faces of those bosses would be torn off into pieces, some time I wish.

Google has inserted a secret code into the programme that is intended to offer netizens so called ‘Street View’. The secret code has been collecting from wi-fi connections the users’ data from emails, passwords… etc. It has been doing so for last 5 years as per BBC News, Reuters and so on. When it was disclosed Google tried in several ways to say it knows nothing about it. Several countries have issued notices to Google to show cause.

Google has been acting smart publicly but trying to make deals privately with countries that issued notices. Google’s explanation to this is just unbelievable. It said it was something to do with a single engineer working with google. It said the code was inserted into the programme ‘by mistake’. There was no answers for questions like why passwords are collected? why the systems were backed-up on Google’s servers? why such ‘mistakenly inserted code’ was kept untouched for several years? Why backed-up data was still existing on Google’s servers even after the mistake(!) was disclosed?

It seems there can be little doubt that Google has been up to something illicit. It was reported some time back that the CEO of the Google had declared his intention of having every data of every citizen of every country collected and kept in his hand, maybe privately or quasi-privately which can be traced by simply googling. After all! today’s technology is not a wealth of a single individual or of a group of individuals. It is the result of the evolution of the mankind. Whole mankind owns it. Evolution of technology and knowledge is the collective asset of the mankind. Without Ameba’s struggle to exist on this planet there is no homosepian and hence the social animal i.e. human race. Laborious evolution for lakhs of years of mankind has resulted in the technology that is seen in it’s present form.

Let us come to the point where we have started. So those 5 groups have formed ‘progressive change campaign committee’ are asking netizens to sign a document available on internet at the following link asking Google not to be evil.

I support this campaign. I ask every responsible netizen to sign it so as to make Google know that ‘none is supreme’ to anybody. If it want’s to do business no one is bothered. But if it want’s to take control of the internet, every body is bothered and nobody can accept it. Such message has to reach Google.



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