Indian Politicians: Big Dreams, Big Talk but Snail Walk

nvs | 17/08/2010
Article first published as Indian Politicians: Big Dreams, Big Talk but Snail Walk on Technorati.

Politicians are unique themselves. Indian politicians are more unique, one can say confidently. From the perspective of Indian people they talk big, they promise generously, they seem to dream colourfully and finally they deliver minutely or almost nothing. From their own point of view, they talk less, there is no need to promise, they dream in all possible colours, they eat whatever rot available on this earth and finally they build large accounts oversees. If they want to fulfill what they talk, dream and promise for the people they can’t fulfill what they desire for themselves.

Nehru’s Era

We can look over generations of politicians since 1947 i.e. when India achieved so called independence. Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India talked and promised in a big way to install ‘Socialistic Pattern of Society’ in India exploitative feudal and capitalist society under his leadership. Even so called communists forgot their very task of bringing socialist society and kept their full faith in Nehru. What happened? Nothing is here.

Exploitation expanded vertically as well as horizontally by multifold. So called modern temples were built to accumulate capital for capital-dearth Indian capitalists, under Nehru’s stewardship. As he couldn’t ignore the damn fact of socialist societies in China and Russia, and as he couldn’t stop the Indian masses from dreaming about Indian socialist society getting inspiration from China and Russia, he successfully kept even communists away from socialist dreams by building public sector. Public sector created a new class of dictatorial bureaucrats who accumulated billions of wealth in overseas’ banks at the cost of public money. And the colonial era continued in another form. Now Indian rulers can choose their colonial bosses at their free will as a result of Independence. It is Independence to choose the boss but not to build our own country.

Daughter takes up

Then it was Indira Gandhi who took up the leftover task of Nehru. Banks were nationalized; Coca-Cola was thrown overseas; feudalistic ‘jamindari system’ was abolished; a big promise of ‘land reforms’ was generously offered to millions of land-hungry peasants and workers of India. Ultimately land was distributed, but within the families and to their pet animals. Jamindars were compensated for undistributed lands. Land concentration remained the same. Land reforms remained on papers. Poverty, illiteracy, backwardness and draught remained with millions of toiling masses. Indira Gandhi stands unique for her infamous ‘Emergency rule’. Communists continued their unshaken faith in Indira’s family led Congress Party regarding socialist dream.

Sacrifice and Grandson

Indian people could not forget Indira’s sacrifice but to elect her elder son Rajiv Gandhi as their next leader. Rajiv Gandhi pushed India into 21st century even before it arrived. He prepared the ground as best as he could for the rise of private business kingdoms. Old businesses extended and new businesses flourished under Rajiv’s tenure. Be it Ambani’s Reliance kingdom, be it K P Singh’s DLF real estate firm, and you name it. New class of Indian multinational companies began to take their initial shape.

Hindu Fundamentalism

Along came religious fundamentalism. The old liquor continued to fill the bottles. The old bottle of ‘socialistic pattern of society’ is replaced by the new bottle ‘Hindu nationalism’. As such, bosses are also changed from dethroned Russia to more strengthened ‘uncle Sam’. People are always there in poverty, illiteracy, severe malnutrition and what not?

Grand Daughter-in-law and continues…

And now the Italian daughter-in-law’s back-seat driving; IMF&WB controlled Prime Minister; ever extending super power’s octopussy hands all over the land; flourishing private wealth; deepening roots of imperialist plunder; three pronged LPG (liberalization, privatization and globalization) loot; weakening public sector, the only and last jobs generating tool… all ruling the roost. People are always there in poverty, illiteracy, malnourishment and etc… One ex-president is still asking children, “…Dare to dream!’ Whither the dreams and promises destined?

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