Are Muslims Terrorists?

nvs | 18/08/2010

Article first published as Are Muslims Terrorists? on Technorati.

Ever since the WTC twin towers were brought down by suspected al-Qaida attackers the whole world began to believe Muslim is another name of terrorist. Actually it was the media – print, audio and visual – which are mostly in the hands of imperialist syndicates that broadly convinced the people around the world with their effectively ‘manufactured consent’. The media now is a factory spreading its tentacles every nook and corner of the world that manufactures consent of the people what it wants them to believe. It is famously called ‘manufacturing consent’. ‘Clash of Civilizations’ thesis might be the ideological mother for manufacturing consent.

Aggressive activism of Muslim fundamentalism can be traced back to the installation of ‘Jewish State’ amid oil-rich Arab countries of the Middle-East. Jewish state was placed on Palestinians’ land by the British imperialists and their western friends with a view to ‘divide and rule. It was done so on the pretext that Jews were abandoned and hunted down during WW-II by Hitler and his likes. If that should be the case, Jews must have been placed in Europe or North America. Why Palestine? Because it is the most important strategic point from where all oil rich Arab countries can be monitored. It was and ‘imperialist design’.

Latter in 1967 Arab war, Israel occupied much of the remaining Palestinians’ land and further distanced them from their mother land making them permanent refugees in neighbouring countries. This has been the historic source for the Muslim fundamentalist activism. Now Palestinians are denied their fundamental rights in their own land. They have no right on their water resources. They are dependent on the mercy of Jews to get even drinking water. Mineral rich land is under Jews. Water sources are controlled by Jews. Historical places are controlled by Jews. And Palestinians are refugees on their own land. How pathetic?

If blood of the Muslims around the world, particularly of Arabs began to boil, who should be the culprit? Those who conspired, aided billions of dollars for decades, supplied sophisticated weaponry to crush the natural uprising of Palestinian Arabs and to monitor Arab oil fields. It was and is the US and its allies. Who is the culprit and who is being punished for decades?

Palestinians have to work in the factories and fields of Jews. Palestinians can be killed at the free will of Israel Defence Force, by simply naming them terrorists. Palestinians are deprived of minimum living standards. They don’t have rights. Still they accepted to live with Jews sacrificing most of their land. Even then Jewish state is denying coming to an agreement with Palestinians. They are still building settlement after settlement on occupied land and claiming rights on them.

When a rowdy occupies your house forcibly, changes documents in his favour forcibly and throw you and your family on street, how would you feel?

Palestinian Arabs have been facing the same situation for last above 50 years. There is nobody in so called international community to defend the natural rights of Palestinians on this planet. So called super state US is strongest ally of Israel.  So Israel is not caring even UN resolutions. While the US sanctions Iran for supposedly making n-bombs it doesn’t even think to stop Israel from building 100 above war heads. Israel doesn’t allow IAEA for inspections. But nobody is worried. But all western states from Europe to North America shout like anything that there is a gravest danger to the world from Iran because Iran is pursuing to make bombs but not because it already has made bombs. Just they are suspecting.

If the Muslim brotherhood rises to protect their brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers and children to defend their existence with whatever ideas they think plausible who should be the culprit?

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