13 workers rescued from burning oil platform, another rig explosion in gulf?

Mariner Energy logo Yet another oil rig seems exploded in the Gulf of Mexico. Though it is not known whether it is a rig or a production platform that is on fire, muted response from the facility to reporters’ queries is feeding speculations that the rig is on fire. US coastguard has reached the site which is said to be 90 miles away from Vermilion Bay along Louisiana coast, and rescued all 13 workers working on the platform shifting them to another platform. One worker is said to be injured. The facility is owned by Mariner Energy Company. Helicopters, boats and aircraft are deployed to the site of burning.

Mariner Energy has not provided any information regarding the fire till news last came in. It is also learned that oil is not seen leaking into the sea. As the news of the explosion spread Marine Energy shares dipped by 5% to $22.30. Shares of Apache Corp also came down by 1.8% as it is expected to buy the Mariner Energy.

CNN TV network has quoted Marine Energy spokesman as saying the platform in question is far away from oil wells. BBC reported that the platform had been put under maintenance activities before the blast occurred as per the spokeswoman for Bureau of Energy Management Regulation and Enforcement. Even as the BP oil spill and its devastating effects on the environment are still there to be cleared which is feared to take years. The latest explosion would certainly be an issue to consider completely banning the offshore rigging.

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