People are Moving Forward, but Priests, Pastors and Mullahs are going back to Stone Age

My goodness! Who is this priest of the 21st Century? Burning Quran is a step in the right direction somebody said on ‘’ while accepting that it incites burning bibles? Then what is it you want to advocate by burning? Is it hatred or peace?

I can never imagine that a priest -in the name of holy god, in the name of 9/11 destruction caused by a section of people of a religion- would preach to burn a book that is equally holy to another religion. This happened in medieval ages between and within various religions throughout the civilizations. The US has no particular civilization. People from various civilizations came, that too lately, to settle in the US. It is a conglomeration of several religious, racial and national people. Hence it is supposed to be more tolerant and accommodating. But this priest, seems to be felt the lack of medieval history of bloodbath for his country, wants to make such a history in the modern times of love and tolerance.

I don’t remember any mullah was among those who drove planes into the lives of thousands.

When a priest ceases to be a priest, maybe things like this happen. But still, no, I can never imagine such things happen by any means. The people who drove planes into skyscrapers may believe in Quran. Does it mean everybody who believes in Quran on this planet tends to drive planes or cars into buildings?

A mother who loves her children also love other children, at least doesn’t hate. A mother is always a mother throughout her life. A priest is supposed to be so. The people who resort to terrorist activities to acquire political goal, are terrorists.

No doubt about it. But how this priest can be defined who preached to burn a holy book in retaliation to a terrorist attack a decade back? Will it be commemoration of dead innocents or terrorists?

If we support and allow burning of Quran now, how can we justifiably condemn the burning of Christian holy book to commemorate those killed in the US’ Afghan attack? The Secretary of State for the US Ms. Hillary Clinton condemned the priest for telling so, because the US troops would be subjected to more danger in Afghanistan. Does she care that a single incident of burning of Quran has a great potential of inciting hatred and mass attacks between Muslims and Christians worldwide? What would be the fate of the long and much awaited, the US brokered direct peace negotiations between Palestine and Israel?

People are moving forward, but priests and mullahs remained in medieval age and even going back to Paleolithic age. And politicians are co-operating with them under cover. There could not be any astonishment if it is revealed in future that this Quran burning is some way related to the ongoing direct peace negotiations between Palestine and Israel.

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