Global Leadership at the Cost of Sweat and Blood

Article first published as Global Leadership at the Cost of Sweat and Blood on Blogcritics.

US-hegemony In a rare confession, the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton expressed fear that the US is on the brink of losing global leadership. She sees the US’ national debt posing enormous threat to the national security of the US as a result of losing global leadership. The US’ two unpaid wars and tax cuts have to properly be dealt with Ms. Clinton opined. “…it is fair to say that we fought two wars without paying for them, and we had tax cuts that were not paid for either. And that has been a very deadly combination to fiscal sanity and responsibility," Clinton said in her speech given at Council on Foreign Relations, a research institute on foreign relations based in Washington.

Who Pays?

If the US government didn’t have to pay the two aggressive wars that devastated two countries; left many dead, widowed, orphaned; threw a country into sectarian violence, chaos and leaderless (people shouldn’t have their own leaders with back-bone for their countries but leaders that agree to serve the interests of the American bosses of MNCs, TNCs, cartels, syndicates and so on) then who could have been forced to pay and who is going to pay? Aren’t Clinton’s concerns for debt and deficit of the US, directed at calling those helped create financial chaos at home, for paying at least now to stop the US from losing global leadership? It seems answer is ‘no’. If the US wants to recover itself from quagmire of financial crises (not only of 2007, but a series of crises that occurred during post-cold-war period) developed at home, none has any problem. It can employ its own people; produce goods, trade and sell them; earn what it deserves. But how is it justified when it wages wars of aggression so as to bring its debt ridden economy back on track?

Two Big Stimuli

In her comments Ms. Clinton forgot that apart from two unpaid aggressive wars and sops of tax cuts, two enormous and magnanimous stimulus packages were paid to those who brought the world financial system down to the earth along with millions of families’ health and wealth. They have also contributed to the huge debt that she was talking about. She

forgot to mention that nearly $1.5 trillion of stimulus is extracted as taxes from the pockets and the tiny bank accounts of millions of households of people, who earned through sweating their blood for decades if not centuries of days and nights.

Maintaining Hegemony

The US is facing a threat to the national security as per Hillary Clinton. (I doubt whether she really meant so). The said threat is from ‘losing ability to exercise global leadership,’ according to her. She (and everybody holding the strings of the US govt., when it matters) wants the US always at the top of the nations but not as equal among the nations. Yes, it is the real face of the state of the U.S. and the regimes of the United States of America. Standing at the top the world, the US needs to protect its imperial interests. It needs to order the world what should it say, where should it stand and how should it behave. If it doesn’t happen, there is definitely a problem for the US and hence to the world. If it is at the helm of the world financial ship there won’t be any threat to the regime.

While waging an attack on Iraq in 1990, the then President Senior Bush said on TVs, “The world wants peace, but Saddam wants war.” He didn’t say that Mr. Saddam Husain was going to become a threat for the US’ hegemonic interests in the Middle-East. When Junior Bush was up to hegemonic attack on Iraq again, the US and its coalition against terrorism tried their best to convince the world that Saddam was in possession of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs). Even George W Bush, the most war monger after Hitler, didn’t reveal himself that he was up to the hegemony of oil-rich Middle-East country. Now Ms. Clinton is no more under any such veil. Can we call this ‘a naked imperialist design?’ Maybe Ms. Clinton is seriously working on transparency of imperialist designs!

Iran, Sudan, North Korea, Syria all of these are third world countries that do not possess any war-heads. Though North Korea claims it has nuclear arms it could not yet show a successful test to the world. But they are dangerous to the world’s security according to the US and the EU. But the US is the only country that dropped two atomic bombs on another country Japan, that too, at the end of the war when it was already established that the axis countries were losing the war. Now it supports Israel that never cared for NPT; that rejected IAEA’s inspections but stockpiled hundreds of warheads. One has to wonder who is posing threat to whom?

For whom is the Govt.?

PTI quoted Ms. Clinton as saying “we are losing the ability not only to chart our own destiny but to have the leverage that comes from this enormously effective economic engine that has powered American values and interests over so many years". If one assumes she was talking on behalf of American people that would be a mistake. She was talking on behalf of those who control the ‘enormously effective economic engine’ of the US. They are global financial conglomerates, MNCs, TNCs, Cartels, Syndicates and so on. They are enormous; they are ‘too big to fail’ and eligible to claim hundreds of billions of dollars from the American tax payers when they fail. It has been the series of the US’ regimes that threw the values and culture of the American society into chaos of sex, crime, racism, atrocities, gun culture, human rights violations and the fake belief of supremacy. The U.S. is the soil legged monstrous. It is not for Clintons and Bushes to wake up, but for the citizens of the U.S. to wake up to save their country from these preachers of fake supremacy.

If the US government is at least on American people’s side it would have made those who pushed the total economy into penalizing, to pay for the damage caused to the economy. What they did is just handing a few million dollars of fine to a single but huge investment bank, ‘The Goldman Sachs’. Newspapers depicted as a great victory for the US Fed. That proves how the U.S. government is weak before financial giants. There are no complaints, no cases, no trials and no judgments. Because, it is a sacred free market economy that is tolerant and forgiving towards the sacred market forces. Hallelujah! Amen!!

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