Is a Pastor of a Remote Church that Much Powerful?

Terry Jones On the eve of anniversary of 9/11 attacks on twin towers, a pastor in the US, campaigned for celebration of the anniversary as Koran burning day. The area is said to be remote where the pastor gives his sermons. But, the news spread very fast throughout the globe.

The President Obama gave an emotional appeal to save the lives of troops in Afghanistan. Obama’s spokesman condemned the ideas of the pastor. The US’ Secretary of State Hillary Clinton opposed the move. The Chief of US forces in Afghanistan David Petraeus contacted the pastor on phone and requested him not to burn Koran as it would risk troops’ lives in Afghanistan, as if they had been safe till then. All varieties of Christian religious bodies condemned the thought of burning Koran.

But, the pastor in question who preaches sermons, denied every sermon of these people and said he would go on as planned. Of course, he stepped back on the anniversary day with a lot of persuasion (!) by top officials. But, two copies were reportedly burnt unhindered at some other places in the USA.

The question is, is a normal pastor of a remote area in the US, that much powerful? Where all the PDs, the FBI and the CIA have gone while tensions were rising due to a hatred sermon of a pastor? Was the deadly unmanned drone so scared about the agent of the god?

The United States of America cannot stop burning a holy book by religious fanatics. So, what? It can attack independent sovereign countries, in a sacred attempt to save and install democracies there. Now, the troops are ready to leave, the US says. Also, now, the Iraq is in a democracy for the chaos, by the chaos and to the chaos. The US installed a democracy of its own in Iraq.

After learning that two copies of Koran were burnt in the USA, the people of Kashmir defied the curfew, came to the streets and burnt a Christian Missionary School. 14 people were killed in the clashes erupted with the police.

The mighty libertarian, the largest democratic, the most tolerant and forgiving United States of America has gone berserk for two weeks because of an intolerant and hatred sermons of a single priest of a remote area. How shame?

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