Technology for the Sake of Technology and Money

Article first published as Technology for the Sake of Technology and Money on Blogcritics.

Innovation of technology has to be in favor of every citizen of a country and the world. It has to provide more tools for the humankind to be innovative in securing fundamental rights of the citizens. The fundamental rights include right to live, right to express, right for equality and right to peace from violence of any kind. Contrary to it, today’s technology is helping widen gap between haves and havenots. The Technology is helping Wall Street people to gain more wealth per day, but not at all caring about making lives of the common masses easier.

Technology for People

Technology can innovate ways to bring everything before the footsteps of thehiroshima_nagasaki masses. Instead, it is developing ways to make things more costly so that only wealthy can own them. Technology is helping pull everything away from the common masses.

Technology should help improve the cultural levels of the humankind. It should also help equate the levels of every culture. It has to introduce sensible human values to every nook and corner. It has to develop the culture of politics and economics to the next highest level. Instead, it is interested only in developing next generation technology leaving aside the lagging generations of the masses. The technology is working for the sake of technology and money.

Human Disaster

Technology keeps calm or mostly keeps a warning button, when the people are becoming insensible to the human values of family, children, daughters, parents, friends and neighbors.

Porn industry is the biggest human disaster for the civilized world, augmented if not invented by the information technology. A natural human affection between opposite sexes has become now a public affair for enjoyment, irrespective of viewers being children, adolescents, youth, lovers, married, respected families and elders.

So many perversions of sex are being glorified through information technology as natural and even claiming human rights. Yesterday, natural course of affection led to bedroom affair, but not to kitchen, hall, drawing room or terrace affair that is now termed innovative.

Today, gay and lesbian rights are just and right but pedophiles are criminals. It is a crime today. However, I doubt whether what is crime today can remain a crime tomorrow, because, what was unnatural yesterday has become natural today. Today’s homophobia (sorry, not amphibia…n) may be termed tomorrow as pedophiliaphobia or something like that.

Google’s Googly

Ironically, Google, the most advanced search engine, rejects to place ads on porn sights but accepts porn to be displayed on its blogger and through its search. As every technology firm as Google advertises, “you are just a click away,” porn on Google blog is just a click away. The only gap left is to click, certifying yourselves as an adult, as if a child cannot click certifying itself as an adult.

I do not understand whether Google is foolish are people are being fooled. Is this giving utmost respect to the rights of privacy and rights of freedom of expression? Maybe this is, giving freedom of approaching technology to the children as a part of development of next generation technology!

Just more than a month back, the people of the world have witnessed a money thirsty pact between information technology giants Verizon, Google, and AT&T. The Google had been a strong advocate of “net-neutrality,” until then. However, it revealed that it was not who, what it advocates.

Google CEO said they were showing “some leadership” there, of course, at the cost of net-neutrality. These profits-oriented giants proved once again that the corporate people never meant what they say. Money only matters for them, not values or future of the humankind. As one said, “Google wants to destroy the internet that made It so rich.” Google and their new friends are ready to axe the branch on which they or sitting. They are going to sink the ship on which they are sailing.

Technology should not be a tragedy

Technology killed people because it is in the hands of the destructors instead of saviors. Technology is widening rich-poor gap because it is in the hands of greedy rich. Technology is helping crises bursting out because it is in the hands of Wall Street money manipulators. Technology is helping destroy the values of the culture and sensibilities of the human relations, because it is in the hands of cultureless brutes.

Technology should not be a tragedy for the humankind. The people should take over the reins of the technology to use it in favor of themselves. The real democracy can only provide such possibility. The people themselves would find somehow the way to install “the real democracy.”

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