9/11, a Hornet’s Nest: It is Ahmadinezad Again on the UN’s Stage

Yet again, the delegations from the developed countries boycotted UN General Assembly while Iran’s President was delivering his speech. The news agencies reported the United States, 27 countries of the European Union and some others have boycotted the Assembly, when Iranian President began speaking. It has been the consistence and continuous practice of the western countries for years to boycott the speeches of the Iran representatives.
9-11-Site September 11
As usual, the Iranian President used the United Nations to attack the US’ hegemonic policies and Israel’s oppressive regime. He even dared to announce that the most people of the world as well as the US believed that certain sections of the US Government were behind the attacks of September 11, 2001. His contention was that some segments within the U.S. government orchestrated the attack to reverse the declining American economy, and its grips on the Middle East, in order to save the Zionist regime i.e. Israel.
We do not know, and perhaps we may never know, who brought down the twin towers of the WTC. It was only an idea that the al-Qaeda under the leadership of Osama-bin-Laden might have planned and executed the attacks. It was not proved at least notionally, to say that the al-Qaeda or a sort of terrorism was behind the attacks. There was not even an attempt to ascertain what the facts were. Within hours, several stories of several accounts were manufactured by the international print, audio and visual media propagating that Osama-bin-Laden and al-Qaeda were the masterminds behind the killings of people working in the twin towers.
Until then, Osama-bin-Laden was unknown to the world but well known to the US’ administrative, military, intelligence and executive establishments. He was the man propped up by the US to build Islamist army for fighting against the Russian presence in Afghanistan. Many of the warlords of Afghanistan were funded by the CIA and other intelligence agencies of the developed countries, fighting to dethrone Russian supported regime then.

After the withdrawal of the Russian forces from Afghanistan, the warlords declined to allow the US to take over their country, because, it was not the reason for which they fought for decades. They wanted their own rule, of course, there were several factions willing to rule, and it was their internal problem. Whether Afghanistan wanted to establish dictatorship, parliamentary democracy or presidential democracy, was entirely the problem Afghanistan people but not at all a concern for the US and its puppet coalition states.
Over a time, the people of Afghanistan might have decided already that the Taliban or the warlords were not suitable for ruling them and prepared new leaders to lead their country towards the progress. This was possible, if and only if the people were allowed to do so. Were they allowed to build their own country and to choose their own leaders? No, they were not allowed by the US and its coalition friends.
The US wanted its presence in Afghanistan, in other words it wanted to replace the Russian forces in Afghanistan to ensure that the rise of emerging countries China and India in Asia, and the Islamic country Iran in the West Asia, were properly checked. They could not rely completely on Pakistan because of their thirst for nuclear weapon programme under the direction of Pak’s nuclear scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan. They wanted their military presence in the region and a puppet government in Afghanistan.
There need not be any contradictions or doubts up to this point of the US intentions. Having said that, there arises a question for the US how to achieve its goal of having control over the Indian sub-content, the rising economic power China and an unbending Iran.
Israel Connection
Starting from the President of the US, foreign officials and diplomats of the US administration said repeatedly, as if one forgets, that the Israel was their greatest, deepest ally. They said they had the obligation of protecting Israel every now and then. They neither hid their intention of protecting Israel, nor stopped to it nakedly. No one should have any objection if the US protected Israel, but it did it at the cost of the security of the neighboring Arab and Islam countries. It had been protecting the Israel at the cost of existence and the ownership of the Palestinian Arabs, as if Israelis were only the god sent people and the Arabs were not, if ever god exists.
If the US could not hide its cruel intentions of hegemonic interests, why should deceased and oppressed people not express their doubts, which are well under propagation already?
If the US could attack independent states and killed their heads under the pretext that some lunatics had brought down its towers and killed its citizens, why should heads of the states that are under continuous economic and psychological attacks, not speak out against the intensions of the oppressors?
Let me doubt it false
Yes, let me doubt what the Iranian President Ahmadinezad told to the United Nations General Assembly was false. Let me not believe that the US is not going to attack Iran to bring out the US economy from the danger of double-dip recession. Let me believe that the US is going to prepare the state of Israel to respect at least the United Nations resolutions regarding the green line that separates the Palestinian state from the Israeli state. Let me believe that the US is preparing the state of Israel to agree to withdraw to the pre-1967 position on the land.
Let me believe that the state of Israel is going to agree to demolish illegal settlements built on the internationally agreed land of Palestinian state. And, let me believe that the US is going to achieve these most contentious and yet genuine objectives within one year as stated two days ago by the US, that could satisfy the entire Arab and Muslim world.
If these things are possible, I believe, there is no conflict of Palestine and Israel on this planet. If there is no conflict, there cannot be hegemony of the US. If there is no hegemony, there is no supremacy of the US. If there is no supremacy, there is no US imperialism at all.
What I want to say is that there are conflicts in the world to serve the interest of the US imperialism. There are several patrons of terrorism to ensure that the US presence is required there.
Demolition Technology
Demolition technology is needed to demolish the old and unwanted buildings and structures, which is developed in the US largely. It is a known fact that the skyscrapers can only be demolished by only placing powerful detonators at the roots of the building. The demolition is a big exercise that needs experts. I hope no one can deny this.
The twin towers are built with strong base, otherwise of which it cannot stand that tall. The supposed al-Qaeda terrorists had hit at the top portions of the buildings. Now I want to quote a comment placed on the MSN news site on the news of Ahmadinezad speech about 9/11 attacks:
“I saw these conspiracy videos, and I bet everyone will agree for this.
One sample proof: There is a “building 7” near WTC along with those two tall towers. NO plane collided with that building but that building also got crashed. Just type in Google or in youtube, you will get hell lot of proofs.
Also there are lots of SHOCKING facts with FIRM proofs, all these revealed by the American engineers, professors and designers of WTC itself..,” (Assertions are not mine).
Let us respect the sentiments of the people who lost their belonged, in the ghastly attacks. Let us find the problems and solve them so that such things cannot be repeated.
However, here, the problem is with imperialism of the United States of America. When there is an imperialist design, the problem can never be solved unless the imperialism is defeated.
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