Strategic Alliance between India and the US Begins to Materialize

Article first published as Strategic Alliance between India and the US Begins to Materialize on Blogcritics.

India is preparing a gift pack to felicitate the US President Mr. Barack Obama, who is visiting India in November of this year. The strategic alliance agreement reached between India and the US, back in 2005, begins to materialize during president’s visit to India. The Indian government is working to finalize the defense deal worth $5.8 billion (approximately Rs. 2.75 lakh crore) that was signed in July 2009. Another deal of buying 126 fighter jets will also be signed during the visit, defense officials revealed.

Obama visits India For the prosperity of the US

Mr. Obama’s visit to India was announced by himself in the first week of June when Indian External Affairs minister S M Krishna met the President in the US. “When it comes to the sphere of our work, building a future of greater prosperity, opportunity and security for our people, there is no doubt; I have to go India,” Obama said in June in a press meet attended jointly with S M Krishna. The US officials said Mr Obama’s visit to India would be from November 7 to 10.

Therefore, for the prosperity of the US people (read, for helping the US to come out of the financial crisis) the Presidents of the US tour the world to sell their defense goods. They visit India on one side and Pakistan on the other side and sell their arms enabling India and Pakistan to protect themselves from their neighbors. Sometimes, they settle defense contracts with both countries in the same tour and of course on deferent legs.

Big Visit

According to news, President Obama did not want his visit to remain merely a symbolic, and wanted to imprint his own signature through the visit. As the nuclear agreement was signed in the era of his Republican predecessor, President Obama wanted at least two big deals that could

remain as his personal landmark in the history of the US-India ties. Indian national newspaper “The Hindu” wrote some 5 days back that the visit would be discussed between Ms. Hillary Clinton and Mr. S M Krishna on the margins of the 65th United Nations General Assembly sessions beginning this week.

The officials from both sides will be struggling on how to deal with the recent irritants that have cropped up, like fee hike for H-1B and L-1 visas, outsourcing ban in the state of Ohio and the recently approved nuclear liability bill. A strategic affairs analyst Ashley Tellis from the US was quoted by ‘The Hindu’ as saying “if the bill undermines the program of preventing private suppliers — both Indian and foreign — from entering the Indian nuclear market, it would eviscerate all the gains that the prime minister secured by signing the deal."

Ashley glossed over some of the details while warning India about nuclear liability bill. Indian Prime Minister achieved ‘good boy’ image from the US state machinery (start from CIA and you can find how lot they are) and their sponsors by signing civil nuclear agreement with the US against the interests of the Indian people. At the same time, he had already undermined the value of lives of millions of Indian people by limiting the liability of the damage caused by nuclear accidents to a mere few million dollars.

Rogue Regime

The American regime (not the American people) is the greatest rogue regime on the planet. The CIA is its worst most weapon that caries the rogue activities of the rogue regime throughout the world. The USSR’s regime used to be the second most rogue regime but it collapsed, thanks to its inability to carry on with a war economy like the US. The US has bombed nations; it has killed the heads of states; it has jailed the other heads of states on the land of the US, based on fake trials and convictions; it has overthrown the democratic regimes; it has supported dictatorship regimes for decades only because they were useful puppets.

The US does not sign international agreements that are aimed for the welfare of future generations, but forces to sign its pet agreements like NPT or CTBT. It forces Iran not to pursue nuclear technology but allows Israel piling up hundreds of warheads. It forces the companies like BP to pay for the oil spill in its seawaters but orders countries like India not to prosecute cold-blooded killers like Anderson, who killed thousands of Indians in Bhopal gas leak disaster.

Good News or Bad News?

The news that the head of such a state is visiting India may be a good one for Indian slavish rulers. However, it is a bad news for Indian people on many counts, as explained above. The money, that would be spent on acquiring 10 Boeing Co.’s C-17 Globemaster III planes is equal to three years’ budget of wealthier provinces (like Andhra Pradesh) in India. Here in Andhra Pradesh, the farmers are committing suicides for not getting fertilizers, for not getting electricity and for not getting the minimum support price (MSP) for their harvest.

C-17s maybe of latest and upgraded technology, but they are going to be used against India’s neighbor and the US’ important ally Pakistan. The Boeing and the US are fooling the Indian and Pakistan people by selling their war tools to both the rivals. At the most, what the Indians are going to benefit from is a percentage commission from the big arms deal, which will go to the Indian rulers and their patrons. Mr. Obama, do not come to India. The Indian people are suffering from many misdeeds of their rulers. Should you come and multiply them?

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