Hi Athishay, Here is My Answer to Your Comment

(A friend named Athishay Jain asked me to honor my nation India after reading my article on CWG-2010 published on Technorati. As comments are limited to 300 characters, I could not post this as comment and hence I make it another article. I hope this may also be published).

Well Atishay, No doubt, I’m an Indian. But I will not support corrupt people only because they are Indians. Your name suites your feeling of honor.

If you follow news regularly, you should have come across a news of the Supreme Court asking the central government to distribute wheat kept in open air due to lack of place in ware houses, to poor people. The court asked so, because, the wheat kept outside the warehouses was becoming rotten and decayed. However, our agricultural minister Mr. Shard Pawar replied, “it is not possible to distribute freely the grains to any one.” Our Prime Minister said “the courts cannot indulge in the power of the parliament.”

While the courts were talking about rotting and decaying wheat due to space problem and the hunger of the poor people, our PM and agri. minister were talking about the power the parliament, forgetting they were in office by vote of the very people to whom they were denying to give food.

The double-digit growth rate for which our PM is aspiring, do not consider 60 percent poverty of our nation. It only considers two to five percent wealthy people of the nation.

Whom the commonwealth games have fed? As I said in my article, only the contractors, ministers and bureaucrats have been fed. They can be parasites eating away the wealth produced by the Indian labor in the form of commissions, but the same poor people who produce Indian wealth and wealthy, cannot eat mouthful for even half a day.

Is this the honor you are talking about?

You have right to feel it as honor, but don’t forget, the people have right to eat what they produce with their own labor. I feel it as a shame upon our leaders.

The corrupt and scandalous politicians, dishonest industrialists and corrupt IAS, IRS, IPS officers have deposited $1.456 trillion dollars (equal to Rs. 68.43 lakh crore) in Swiss banks only . There are other banks like saint kits banks that accept illegal money to be deposited with them.

Indian black money deposited in Swiss bank is more than the combined black money of Russia ($470 billion), UK ($390 bln), Ukraine ($390 bln) and China ($96 bln) which occupy the four places next to India. India occupies no. 1 position among depositors of black money in Switzerland. Mind you! I’m only talking about Swiss deposits.

Indian black money is 14 times the Indian foreign debt. If we can bring back the people’s money to India, we can clear foreign debt. If we invest the surplus amount in earning interest after clearing foreign debt, India can earn interest more than its annual budget, thereby enabling it to abolish all taxes.

A survey reveals every year, some 80,000 people travel to Switzerland excluding those who travel on official works. Among them 25,000 are frequent travelers. See, they are handful of people but accumulated enormous amounts. Major part of it is accumulated only in last 20 years.

India is a very rich country. Ironically, Indians are very poor. Do you know that the half of the world’s poor live in India?

Now, do you think this is a trivial issue, Mr. Atishay?

Mr. Atishay! A freedom fighter (Rayaprolu Subba Rao from Andhra Pradesh) told during freedom movement “A nation means not soil, but people living on that soil.” And, wealth is not produced by wealth, but by labor. If you want to produce more wealth using your wealth, people should put their labor on it. The wealth is multiplied only by the labor.

Such labor is in poverty, despair and hunger. The wealthy wish them to remain so, otherwise of which they cannot multiply their wealth.

When the parliamentarians asked the government to reveal the names of defaulters of thousands of crores of loans sanctioned by the public sector banks, the government responded by saying, “It is a security issue.” This happened under NDA rule as well as UPA rule. They are pieces of the same cloth. They come to people for vote only to cut major part of the cake by being in power.

The total defaulted loans, sanctioned to industrialists and politicians have been accumulated as NPAs (Non-Performing Assets) in lakhs of crores and later scraped by the government. The same governments hesitate to scrap the loans sanctioned to farmers in thousands of rupees, not even in lakhs of rupees.

The poverty, farmers’ suicides, hunger, indebtedness, illiteracy, inter-state water disputes… these are election issues for our leaders. Therefore, they are kept alive forever, because elections come every five years.

CWG-2010 is a tool to accumulate more wealth. It is a tool to attract more investments there by earning more commissions.

If you still consider it an honor, it is up to you. But, do not dare to order people who wish to unveil the truth, thereby trying to find a way to let the people know the truth.

Please do not ask me “do you think you can make everybody know the truth by writing an article on Technorati, or Blogcritics?” sort of questions. At least I’m trying to do something, how minute it may be. Please do know that I’m not up to national honor that erupts at the time of Cricket matches or CWGs or so on.

The national honor should be a part of our lives. It should be our way of living. It should be a part of our everyday life.

If you want to ask to honor the nation, you have to ask first Mr. Kalmadi, the prime organizer of CWG. You have to ask the politicians fist to sacrifice their illegal money. You have to ask first the Parliament itself.

An eminent lawyer ‘Santhi Bhushan’ revealed a week back eight Chief Justices of Sixteen CJs worked so far, are corrupt. He challenged the Supreme Court and the central government to prove that he was wrong. No body responded, because he has proofs. Such is the ugly face of Indian state.

The Indian people are always good, hardworking and peace loving, unless they are provoked by the vested interests of the intertwined political industrialists, industrial politicians, political bureaucrats, bureaucratic politicians and their bosses abroad.

Try to honor the people of India, not so-called symbols of honor. Try to honor labor of India, not parasites that grew on labor of India.

Thanks for provoking me.

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  1. Atishay jain

    hey shekhar i agree with your article, it seems u have gone a bit deep regarding the matter, i know our politicians are corrupt and what dey need is only money.
    Also CWG bcums a source for all of dem.
    But i love my city new delhi n my nation too so just i am supporting CWG through web
    thanks for writing me the article like this, i appreciate your work and your comments.
    thank you once again
    Atishay jain

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