Ayodhya Verdict, If SCWB Accepts, a Blow to BJP’s Future

If Sunny Central Wakf Board accepts the Ayodhya verdict delivered by the Allahabad High Court, it will become a deathblow to the so-called Hindu nationalist political party, “Bharatiya Janata Party.” The BJP increased its Parliament seats from two to eighty by inciting communal hatred between the Hindu religion followers and the Muslim religion followers in India, stating that the 450-year-old Babri mosque was constructed demolishing Ram temple.

Radha Yatra (Chariot Journey)

The then vice-president of the BJP Mr. L K Advani took out a journey on a Chariot, inciting communal violence along his path of journey, after which his party could raise its tally of seats from two to eighty in the parliament. The party continued its communal inciting and attacks on minorities with a single agenda of constructing Ram temple.

Hindu mob demolishing the mosque The BJP’s communal agenda culminated into the demolition of the 450 years old Babri Masque on 6 December 1992. The top brass of the party organized the demolition with a solid plan of bombing and blasting. It came to power with the slogan of building Ram temple for Ram Lalla (infant Rama) that were said to be found under the central dome of the Babri mosque.

The Myth

The BJP’s tag line of “Hindu nationalist party” is itself a misguided nomenclature. There is only a Hindu religion in this world but not any nation named “Hindu.” The Hindu religion followers worship many number of gods among whom Ram is only an Avatar. The BJP was able to symbolize the diet Rama as the representative of the Hindu religion to an extent of period for which the people believed what they said.

But the people of India have many problems other than religious faith, primarily the food and shelter. The BJP never bothered about the original problems of the people except the problem that it created for its own sake of coming to power.

Economic Agenda

Interestingly, the party did not hurry or worry to build temple after coming to power in 1998 and 1999. It limited itself to the continuation of the globalization agenda laid by the financial minister Mr. Mahmohan Singh, in its predecessor government. They rather increased the pace of implementing LPG (liberalization, privatization and globalization policies).

The NDA government, a centre-right political front under the leadership of the BJP, was the first one to form a separate ministry for disinvestment and sell-out of the public sector companies under the pretext that they were loss making, white elephants, license raj, red-tapism and so on. They were so immersed in their anti-people economic agenda that they believed that they were coming to power again in 2004 by a slogan “India Shining.”

The people believed otherwise giving a shock treatment to the NDA coalition and sending a message that they were no longer in a position to believe in communal agenda at the cost of their food, shelter and employment. The BJP was forced to be aware of the hard truth that they had lost their tools for coming to power.

Power Tools

Therefore, radha yatra, silanyas, Babri mosque demolition and constructing Ram temple were just the tools of the BJP to be utilized for coming to power, but were not the goals. Once the court delivered its verdict that, the Hindu proprietors can move on with their agenda of constructing the Ram temple, the tools that helped the BJP coming to power had disappeared.

If the dispute is dragged on, further by SCWB or any other litigant by not accepting the verdict, it will give fresh breath to the BJP. Such a move can give the BJP its tools back, providing a fresh opportunity of campaigning for implementation of high court verdict.

Forgetting Past

Now, after the high court delivered its verdict, giving two third of the disputed land to the Hindu religious groups, the RSS and its subsidiary organisations have suddenly found a necessity of forgetting the past. If they forgot the past before placing Ram lalla under the central dome of Babri mosque, there would not have occurred thousands of deaths in communal riots. If they appealed for peace and national integrity to Mr. Advani before his “radha yatra,” it would have avoided thousands of deaths of innocent civilians in the religious attacks on minorities that followed the radha yatra of Mr. Advani.

A recent survey in the US revealed that the atheists have more knowledge than those who believe in god, of religions and their systems. Maybe it was so because the atheists need a concrete method of scientific evidence to believe in something, where theists need only a faith to believe in something.

But faith became an important tool for a political party to grab the power, though for a limited period. The people need to keep their faith in their hearts and not allow the communal thugs to take away their faith to utilize it in constructing their road to power.

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