Nirmohi Akhara Finds Common Ground with Sangh Parivar

The RSS has achieved it. It is able to convince Nirmohi Akhara, one of the litigants in the title suit for the disputed landbabri_masjid to cooperate with its co-litigant Ramlala Viraajman for construction of the temple. The Allahabad High Court has awarded 1/3rd of disputed land to each of the litigants Ramlala, SCWB and Nirmohi Akhara on September 30. As the two parties of the Hindu groups have decided to co-operate, the site available for construction of Ram temple is doubled to 2/3rd of the disputed land.

Mahant of Nirmohi Akhara Bhaskar Das was quoted by PTI as telling that for mutual consent and cooperation for construction of the temple, a senior member of Ram Jahmbhoomi Nyas Ram Vilas Vedanti met him on Tuesday. He added they had a detailed discussion over the issue. He also said that the Akhara would cooperate provided it got prominence in whatever arrangements were made for the construction of the temple.

Mahant Bhaskar Das expressed his open opposition to the building of mosque anywhere on the disputed land. He opined the Sunni Central Wakf Board should not have been given a share in the disputed land as the court had rejected the suit filed by the Sunni Wakf Board.

Mahant Das proceeded saying he will file joint petition with Ramlala if the Wakf Board challenges the HC order in the Supreme Court.

In a way, the High Court verdict is meant to say to Muslims of India “the Hindus are majority here and hence you will have to listen to them.” If the courts also decide to follow the religious faiths instead of the historical facts, secular fabric of the country will not be felt by the minorities in the country, which is already suffering with bruises and scratches caused by the so-called Hindu nationalists and the Hindu fundamentalist organisations.

As an eminent historian Romilla Thapar commented on the verdict, If one wants verdicts based on faiths, better make faiths laws.

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