Karzai Criticizes Joint US-Russia Drug Raids, Russia Counters

Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai has criticized the joint raids conducted by US and Russia forces. Drug laboratories have been raided in the joint operation. Hamid has said he had no prior information on the raids, which he called a violation of Afghan sovereignty.

Drug raidsRussian has been critical of coalition forces for doing nothing to tackle drug trade in Afghanistan. BBC reported on October 31 that 2.5 million Russians are addicted to drugs, mainly coming from Afghanistan. Russian involvement in raids is a sensitive issue in Afghanistan, since the end of Russian occupation 21 years back.

A Russian government official expressed surprise with AFP news agency, saying the interior ministry of the Afghan government has participated in the operation. On October 29, the head of Russia’s drug control agency said its agents had taken part in an operation on October 28 to destroy a major hub of drug production near Jalalabad about 5km from the Pakistani border. He said 932kg of heroin and 156kg of opium was destroyed along with a large amount of technical equipment.

BBC News reported that Afghanistan’s elite counter narcotics force participated in the raids but the president’s office might not have been informed who would accompany the raids.

It is surprising that when Karzai began to worry about Afghan sovereignty, even as the US coalition forces have been fighting is own people for 10 years which is direct violation of Afghan sovereignty. It seems he has no problem with the US’ violation of his country’s sovereignty.

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