Iran Charges Germans for Spying

Two Germans, arrested in Iran a week ago, are charged with spying. The two Germans interviewed the son of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, who was sentenced to death by stoning for adultery. The two Germans were not identified with their names on Iranian state Tele Vision. They were initially accused of illegally working as reporters in Iran.

Ms AshtianiThe sentence of stoning death handed to the woman for adultery sparked outrage from international community. The European Union called the sentence “barbaric.” The Vatican pleaded for clemency. The most commendable reaction was from Brazil that offered asylum to the woman. But, Iran government and its justice system did not receive the international outcry. Rather, it was angered by the global reaction. Maybe, Iran treated the matter as internal.

Iran President Ahmadi Nezad denied that the woman was sentenced with stoning to death while he was in the US in September and accused the Western media for discrediting Iran. At least he agreed that stoning a woman to death for any reason is a discredit for a nation. If he really thinks that it is discredit to his country, he should stop the sentence. But, now the woman is being considered for complicity in the murder of her husband. If she is proved guilty in murder case, she will be hanged to death as per foreign ministry spokesperson of Iran.

Though Ahmadi Nezad denied the sentence of stoning to death, a judicial official confirmed the stoning verdict. Later the sentence was suspended as per the foreign ministry.

The two Germans said on Tele Vision that a German activist tricked them to interview the son of the woman. They said they did not know whom they were interviewing. The woman’s son accused the previous lawyer of the woman, who fled to Denmark in December 2009, for publicizing his mother’s case. The woman reportedly said on TV that she was a sinner.

The case looks critical. If the woman is found being complicit in the murder of her husband, the judiciary would have mentioned the same while sentencing her for adultery. It seems the charges were altered when the case attracted international attention. Was she really complicit in her husband’s murder?

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