Human Shield Israel Soldier Demoted

Two Israeli soldiers who were charged with using a boy as human shield while opening a suspected booby trapped bag were demoted by the Israeli court. The two soldiers were placed under suspended sentence initially.

The incident occurred during the Israeli’s devastating attack on Gaza for 3 weeks duringGaza boy, Majid Rabah December 2008 and January 2009. Richard Goldstone implicated in its report both Israeli and Hamas troops with war crimes and asked both of them to conduct their own inquiry. Though both sides denied the charges Israel conducted its own inquiry with increased pressure from the international community.

However, mother of the 9-year old boy named Majid Rabah expressed her dissatisfaction with the sentence. She said the sentence was too lenient comparing with the suffering and terror the boy was subjected to. The soldiers’ lawyer defended the sentence.

The sentence is the first ever handed to an Israeli soldier for using human shield which is banned according to Israeli laws but never implemented even numerous violations of the laws had taken place previously.


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