Israel Demolishes Palestinian Houses and a Masque

Israeli army has demolished a number of Palestinian houses and their mosque in an occupied territory in West Bank. Palestinian villagers claim the mosque was built before 1967 war while Israel claims the demolished structures are temporary and built without permission.

The UN has criticised Israel for demolishing Palestinians’ property and prohibiting PalestiniansDemolished mosque from constructing houses in the area, BBC reported.

The Israeli ministry of Defence said the structures are temporary and none of the structures was mosque. It said the area was a military fire zone.

But, designating a part of an occupied territory as a military firing zone is itself a ploy to demolish the houses or whatever construction standing in that place. Israel demolished many mosques previously. Not only Israeli army but also the Israeli settlers often described as Jewish extremists brought down number of mosques since the construction of settlements began after 1967 war.

Civil Administration department responsible for demolition said the Palestinians were given prior notice and a chance to appeal against the demolition.

The occupation itself is illegal according to the UN resolutions. Still, Israel dares to designate Palestinian houses as illegal constructions and demolish them defying international community.


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