China Expresses Displeasure over Joint US-South Korea Military Drill

China expressed concern about joint military drill by US and South Korea planned for Sunday,USS George Washington November 28. The US’ warship “USS George Washington” housing crew of 6,000 mariners is reaching Yellow Sea waters where the joint military drill is planned. On the other hand, North Korea warned it would wage second and even third of attacks if the warmongers of the South Korea made reckless military provocations again.

China previously criticized the joint military exercises of the US and Japan in South China Sea when potential rift developed between Japan and China after a Chinese trawler driver was arrested by Japan near disputed set of islands on which both China and Japan have claims.

The US is worried that China is increasingly becoming assertive in China Sea waters militarily.

South Korean media reports said that the artillery firing was ordered personally by the North Korean supreme leader Kim-Jong-Ill. They said the firing started an hour after Jong-Ill and his son Jong-Un visited the area from where the firing was sourced. The disputed island is said to be 50 miles away from South Korea and only 7 miles away from North Korean land. North Korea does not recognise the international maritime border saying that it was unilaterally drawn by the UN in 1953.



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