Rebel Row between Ethiopia and Egypt

Egypt President Hosni Mubarak rejected Ethiopia’s allegations that it was backingNile dispute rebels in Ethiopia. Ethiopia made allegations on Tuesday, November 23. Mubarak reminded the two countries had friendly relations.

Egypt and Ethiopia are in dispute over sharing of Nile river waters. Ethiopia has long been demanding the redistribution of river waters to replace the present agreement that was made in colonial era. Blue Nile a tributary of the main river is sourced by Ethiopia. At present, 90 percent of the Nile water is utilised by Egypt and Sudan.

But, 85 percent of the river water is contributed by the Blue Nile of which Ethiopia gets a meagre share. Many of the East African countries support Ethiopia’s claim. These countries have been in talks for 13 years, but to no avail. Nile water is considered national security in Egypt where the formers are wholly dependent on Nile water for cultivation as per BBC News.



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