China for Emergency Meeting over Tension in Korean Peninsula

China has called for an emergency meeting of members of the six-party in December, authorised to discuss on nuclear programme of North Korea, to discuss the latest tensions raised in Korean peninsula. Two Koreas, China, Japan, Russia and the US are members of the six-party. The six-partite talks were stalled in April 2009 with the South Korea and the US stating that North Korea should stop pursuing nuclear programme first before resuming the talks.

However, the US and South Korea are said to be less than enthusiastic towards China’s proposal.koreas fire China says the proposed talks are not the resumption of six partite talks. But, it said there is an urgent need to resume the six partite talks. South Korea said it would review Chines proposals carefully adding that it was not interested in earlier resumption of six partite talks. Japan responded that it would deal with the issue cautiously in cooperation with the US and South Korea.

The tensions rose, when North Korea fired dozens of shells onto a disputed South Korean island from where South Korea test fired a few shots as part of usual military drill. North Korea said it had warned to stop the drills. Now South Korea and the US are conducting joint military drill 125 km south of the maritime border.


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