US and Its Allies on High Alert as WikiLeaks Releases another Set of Documents

Article first published as US and Its Allies on High Alert as WikiLeaks Releases another Set of Documents on Blogcritics.

The US is worried over the next release of classified documents by the whistle blower website “Wikileaks.” BBC News reported that the US government briefed several of its allies that the Wikileaks may release diplomatic cables exchanged between their countries. The US authorities are of the view that the revelation may cause potential embarrassment for the diplomatic relations with its allies.

The classified documents that are supposed to be exposed may contain corruption allegationswikileaks against foreign governments and leaders by the US diplomats working in foreign embassies in various countries according to Reuters. Politicians and leaders of the governments are said to be implicated with corruption charges in reports sent to the US government by its foreign diplomats.

Reports say the UK, Israel, Turkey, Denmark and Norway are among those countries that may be named in the documents. These countries are warned in advance by the US government to expect the worst regarding the diplomatic relations between them. Other sources say the US relations with India may also be damaged after the Wikileaks’ new release.

The whistle blower website “Wikileaks” released 400,000 documents pertaining to the US war in Afghanistan and Iraq. The contents of those documents did not cause much furore, as they have already been exposed in some way or other. The released documents just confirmed the already rumoured issues such as killing of more than 15,000 civilians by the US marines in Afghanistan and Iraq. The website released a video earlier this year that showed the US soldiers killing two journalists working for Reuters news agency in Iraq, mistaking the cameras carried by the photographers as weapons

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange revealed three days back that the latest release contain seven times to the 400,000 documents released in October. The US government is preparing itself to face the diplomatic rift that may develop between its allies after the revelation.

The US authorities are critical of Julian that the Wikileaks’ revelation may expose lives of the people to potential danger. They opine that the documents would endanger the lives of US troops and individuals working with them, in both Afghanistan and elsewhere.

One may wonder with the US’ worries over the lives of its informers even as it is killing more and more people in wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. It is a matter of concern for the modern civilised society that a country with its military might is still threatening number of countries with hundreds of military bases around the world. It is a matter of concern for world citizens that the US is engaging with the internal matters of several countries in the name of installation of democracy only to further its economic interests.


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