China Blocks Censuring North Korea in UN

AFP was quoted as reporting by BBC News that China has blocked a formal censure of North Korea in the United Nations for shelling South Korea’s island, which 40 miles away from South Korea but only 7 miles away from North Korea. The news comes at a time when it is revealed through ‘wikileaks’ new set of revelations that China is frustrated with North Korea’s behaviour of acting like a spoiled child to attract the US’ attention by carrying out missile tests in AprilKorea fire 2009.

BBC reports quoting unconfirmed reports that Chinese law maker Dai Bingguo was invited to Pyongyang for discussions. Also, an aide to North Korea leader Kim-Jong-Ill was invited to Beijing. China called for immediate resumption of six party talks to diffuse the tension developed after two Koreas exchanged fire few days back. North Korea warned over joint military drill by the US and South Korea that it would respond second time and even third time if South Korean warmongers continued to provoke by prolonging the joint military drill. China also expressed its anger over joint military drill.

Meanwhile, South Korea and the US have decided to continue their joint military drill after a few days gap. The next drill may take place after a few days in December. The present exercises will end on Wednesday, December 01. Separately, South Korea is planning what it calls routine week-long naval live-fire exercises from 29 sites around the country. These exercises will last for several weeks.

The US says the joint military drill is purely defensive in nature and does not target any particular country. It also says six party talks cannot resume until North Korea apologises for torpedoing of South Korean military vessel killing 40 people aboard. But, North Korea denied that it had role in torpedoing South Korean sub marine.


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