Junior Partner of German Coalition Urges Recalling US Envoy

After Canadian ambassador offering his resignation over the disclosure of his assessment on Afghan president Hamid Karzai and his family by Wikileaks, now it is Germany’s turn. Philip Murphy, US ambassador to Germany was asked to be recalled by the US government over hisMurphy with Obama unseemly behaviour, revealed by Wikileaks.

Philip Murphy reportedly described Free Democratic Party leader Guido Westerwelle as “arrogant, vain and critical of America.” Chancellor Angela Merkel was described as “risk averse and rarely creative” in diplomatic cables sent to the US state department.

An aide to Mr Westerwelle resigned earlier for passing information to the UN envoy. They said that he had admitted supplying details of the negotiations that brought the formation of the centre-right coalition led by Angela’s Christian Democrat Party. Later, the party said the aide, Mr Metzner had only passed publicly accessible information and no legal action would be initiated against him.

A leader of the FDP said Mr Murphy’s behaviour was unseemly and such an ambassador should be called home. He added it was more than doubtful whether Murphy could still be a trustworthy interlocutor.

However, Merkel’s spokesperson said that the government was not calling for the ambassador to be recalled. Westerwelle was quoted by BBC News as saying the comments were not serious.


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