IAEA Worries over North Korea’s New Uranium Enrichment Facility

Article first published as IAEA Worries Over North Korea’s New Uranium Enrichment Facility on Technorati.

The nuclear watchdog of United Nations, International Atomic Energy Agency expressed concerns over supposed newly developed Uranium enrichment facility in North Korea. The head of the IAEA Yukio Amano said he learned of recent reports about a new Uranium enrichment facility, as well as the construction of a new light water reactor, in North Korea, BBC news reported.

Last month, a US scientist reportedly had been shown a new Uranium enrichment plant with atYongbyon nuclear facility least 1,000 centrifuges. This week, North Korea said the plant was operating with thousands of centrifuges. North Korea expelled IAEA inspectors, last year. The inspectors have not been allowed into North Korea since then. North Korea tested nuclear devices twice in 2006 and 2009. When it said it tested a nuclear missile in 2009, many countries doubted whether North Korea did it as it claimed. They were doubtful of North Korea’s capacity to build a full-fledged nuclear missile.

The American nuclear scientist, Siegfried Hecker, visited the plant at Yongbyon in mid-November and reportedly said he was stunned by the sophistication of the equipment he was shown.

Many international analysts say North Korea’s nuclear programme is mainly aimed at extracting more concessions from six partite talks involving two Koreas, China, Japan, Russia and the US. South Korea and the US have been offering aid to North Korea in return to allowing IAEA inspectors to assess the North Korean capacity to build nuclear arms and finally diffusing them. Earlier this year, North Korea invited a special US envoy to resume talks. Western governments assessed then that North Korea was feeling pain of the international sanctions slapped against it, as a result of expulsion of IAEA inspectors.

One needs to see whether the pressure being exerted by western imperialist countries on nuclear ambitions of North Korea and Iran is fair or not. The US is treating South Korea as its closest ally and its troops over 20,000 are stationed in South Korea. It is regularly conducting military drills in Yellow sea, North China Sea and South China Sea threatening regional political and military equations. In this background, any country in the region will be forced to check its security position. It will be forced to improve its arsenal to preserve its integrity. Denying such right to any independent country is just not acceptable.

Similarly, Iran is facing security challenge from Israel, which piled up 400 above nuclear warheads. Middle East is strategically and militarily the worst hot spot in the world. It is the mother of Islamic terrorism where Palestinians are denied their basic human rights for decades. Israel is allowed to pile up hundreds of warheads without any international objections. Israel is not a signatory of nuclear non-proliferation treaty or Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT). Still, either IAEA or these so-called world protectors from Western countries never utter a world regarding inspecting Israel’s nuclear arsenal or its nuclear ambitions.

If there is a danger from nuclear Iran or nuclear North Korea, there should also be a danger of nuclear Israel. Still, Iran did not build any nuclear weapon. Iran is a signatory of NPT and member of IAEA. It openly says its nuclear programme is aimed it peaceful purposes but not building nuclear weapons. But western countries make so much noise about nuclear programme of Iran without mentioning even a word about Israel’s nuclear war heads.

Western countries’ fear over nuclear ambitions of Iran and North Korea are fully biased and unfair.


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