IAEA Sending Spies, Not Inspectors –Iran

Article first published as "IAEA Sending Spies, not Inspectors" – Iran on Blogcritics.

Intelligence Minister Heidar Moslehi said that inspectors sent by the International Atomic Energy Agency had engaged in espionage and the Vienna-based agency must take responsibility for their actions, MSNBC news quoted AP. Iran has been critical of IAEA for leaking information of its nuclear programme to the US. In June, Iran banned two U.N. nuclear inspectors from entering the country, claiming they had leaked "false" information about the country’s disputed nuclear program.Iran nuke program

"Among the individuals the IAEA sends as so-called inspectors, there are spies from foreign intelligence services. The IAEA must be held responsible for this," state TV quoted Moslehi as saying. IAEA spokesperson responded to the allegation in Vienna saying it had no comment. Iran’s allegation comes a week after Iran’s nuclear scientist was assassinated and another scientist wounded in a bomb attack. Iran’s nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili called the assassination of the nuclear scientist as disgrace for the Security Council. He said the assassination was linked to the international sanctions slapped on Iran by the Security Council, the US and the EU, and was a part of the western countries’ covert campaign to sabotage Iran’s nuclear programme.

Iran said the campaign includes abduction of Iranian nuclear scientists, sale of faulty nuclear equipment and placing of destructive computer worms such as stuxnet into the computer systems of the Iran nuclear programme. Computer worms had brought Iran’s nuclear activity to halt for a brief period in November. Iran accused Israel’s Mossad, Britain’s MI6 and the US’ CIA were behind the sabotage activities.

Nuclear talks between Iran and P5+1 (Five permanent members the US, Britain, France, Russia and China + Germany) broke down last year when Iran rejected the UN drafted plan to swap Iran’s low enriched Uranium with reactor ready fuel rods. According to the plan, Iran has to ship its low enriched fuel abroad, which will be kept at Russia. Then, same quantity of ready to use fuel roads will be sent to Iran from France, as per the plan. Iran rebuffed the plan it had already bitter experience with France, which did not supply fuel to Iran as promised in return for Iran’s investment in a French nuclear plant.

As a result, the US lobbied extensively for slapping fourth round of sanctions on Iran with China and Russia. It succeeded in persuading China and Russia to place sanctions on Iran’s business interests and Iran’s individuals having bank accounts abroad. The US and the EU also handed separately their own sanctions. Russia condemned this separate sanctioning but who is caring? China did not express even that much solidarity with Iran as Russia did. Many countries around the world condemned the sanctions saying sanctions regime is an old system. Iran president described the sanctions as a “used hand kerchief.”

Iran’s foreign minister Mottaki requested neighbouring Arab and Muslim countries to be alert with divide and rule tactics of the western countries referring to the Saudi Prince requesting the US to attack Iran nuclear facilities, as revealed by the latest revelation by the Wikileaks. The talks between Iran and P5+1 countries are due to begin on Monday

One has to wonder while expressing extreme worries on Iran’s nuclear programme, why these so-called world protecting western countries do not question Israel’s nuclear policy of piling up of hundreds of nuclear warheads threatening security of Arab neighbours. Moreover, Iran is telling that its programme is for peaceful purposes, and the US intelligence confirmed that fact. On the other hand, Israel never disclosed a single piece of information about its nuclear warheads; it did not allow IAEA inspectors into its country. This double standard policy of the Security Council, the US and its allies should be condemned by the international community.

Perhaps, Israel and the US along with its allies are the primary threat to the world piece as they have already attacked independent countries without considering the opinion of the international community. Abandoning thousands of nuclear arsenals by the nuclear power houses is the essential pre-condition for the word peace to prevail. Till then, countries like Iran, North Korea, India and Pakistan will have every right to pursue and build nuclear technology for peaceful as well as weapon purposes.


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