Political Coward EU Postpones Palestine Recognition

The European Foreign Ministers’ statement said they the EU would recognise Palestine state “when appropriate.” The statement emphasised for a negotiated settlement between Israel and Palestine.

The direct talks began with the US initiative in September failed due to Israel’s denial to extendPalestine temporary freeze of settlement construction for 90 more days. Later the US President offered Israel to supply jet fighters, security guarantee and immediate aid for extension of settlement freeze. However, Israel Prime Minister demanded recognition of Israel as a Jewish state from Palestinians, which was denied by Palestine Authority president Abbas. From then on Abbas is trying to secure unilateral recognition through diplomatic means.

Mahmoud Abbas called on the EU to recognise Palestine based on 1967 borders. It was followed by the EU foreign ministers’ statement. Brazil and Argentina recently issued a statement recognising Palestine state as a legitimate country. At least 100 above countries are believed to recognise Palestine.

The European Union never tried to work for a solution to the conflict. They can gather international support for Palestine state forcing Israel to withdraw its occupation from West Bank and East Jerusalem. Only the US is posing committed to resolve the conflict. However, the US has hegemonic interests in the oil rich region to contain defying states like Iran and Sudan. The US is the main impediment to peace in Middle East. Without support from the US, Israeli regime would not have become a non-compliant to the UN resolutions.


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