Julian Assange Granted Bail

Julian Assange, founder of whistle-blower website was granted conditional bail on Thursday, November 16 by a British court. The Australian is fighting extradition to Sweden over sex charges involvingassange two Swedish women. Assange’s supporters put up sureties worth 240,000 pounds.

Gemma Lindfield, representing the Swedish authorities, had told the judge there was "a real risk" Assange would abscond and pointed to his nomadic lifestyle. She said he had "the means and ability" to go into hiding among Wikileaks’ many supporters in this country and abroad.

However, Mr Justice Ouseley pointed out Mr Assange had offered to meet the police in London when he heard the Swedish matter was still live and he said, "That is not the conduct of a person who is seeking to evade justice."

Earlier, though Assange was granted bail, he remained jail as Sweden launched a bail appeal. The lawyer, representing Assange, said the bail appeal was part of a continuing vendetta by the swedes. Supporters of Julian Assange said the allegations are politically motivated and the Swedes are acting on behalf of a bigger power referring the US.


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