ICC Continues to Target Sudanese President

The Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court continues to target Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir. He accused him of siphoning off up to $9 billion of his country’s funds. Luis Moreno Ocampo, the Chief Prosecutor of the ICC previously charged Mr Bashir with crimes against humanity in March 2009 based on which the ICC issued an arrest warrant on Bashir, a working president of the independent sovereign country, Sudan.

BBC News reported that Moreno’s allegation of siphoning off funds had originally become knownOmar al-Bashir after Wikileaks revelation. He said the court had "strong reason to believe that Bashir has a lot of money" held in personal accounts outside Sudan – but that he could not be sure of the precise amount, with estimates ranging from hundreds of millions of dollars up to $9bn.

In the leaked diplomatic cable, US diplomats report Mr Ocampo as saying that "Lloyd’s Bank in London might be holding or knowledgeable of the whereabouts of his money". However, Lloyd’s has denied holding any funds in Mr Bashir’s name, and in his BBC interview, Mr Ocampo agreed that the money was not held in a London account.

Asked why he did not reveal his suspicions about siphoned funds at the time the ICC issued an arrest warrant for Mr Bashir in March 2009, Mr Ocampo said he was not bringing financial charges against Mr Bashir but that any funds uncovered could be used to compensate his victims.

Speaking to the BBC, a spokesperson for the Sudanese government, Dr Khalid al-Mubarak said Mr Ocampo had "lost all credibility as far as Sudan is concerned. He has been proven wrong more than once about Sudan, he has exaggerated many things about Sudan, and he has some sort of almost vendetta based as I said more than once on anti-Arab prejudice and Islamophobia.

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