Is Germany Security Protected in Afghanistan?

Article first published as Is Germany’s Security Protected in Afghanistan? on Blogcritics.

Imperial countries can rewrite war rules according to their wishes. Whatever they do to protect their imperial interests is justified, no matter how irrational they may be. Germany’s Foreign Minister says his country’s security is defended at Kunduz, Afghanistan, thousands of kilometres away from the German land.

A nation’s defence forces are generally stationed at strategic places of thatAngela and Westerwelle country. Airports, Seaports, Capital cities, Commercial centres, naval bases, air bases, army bases and borders are some of such strategic places where troops will be stationed for defence purposes. Remaining troops will be stationed at barracks to be used at war times or for internal security purposes. They may be used to rescue civilians when natural calamities occur.

Strangely, Germany’s Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle outlined a different strategy for the defence of Germany. Speaking to German troops at the Kunduz base in Afghanistan when he arrived there along with Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel, he said that Germany was in Afghanistan to protect its own security. He said, “That is why this mission is right” BBC News reported quoting Associated Press.

Mr Westerwelle might have chosen some other context if he wants to boost the morale of his troops. Saying that Germany’s security is protected at Kunduz base located in another country is quite misleading, irrational and simply meaningless.

Germany’s deployment of its troops to another country like Afghanistan or Iraq is nothing but an offensive step but not defensive. Germany is in Afghanistan as part of protecting its imperialist interests and as part of wider strategy of installing it’s influence in order to extract economic benefits such as business contracts.

German troops may be ready to be fooled by their minister but the minister has to understand that the Afghan people could not be fooled. Afghan troops were not fooled even by the Soviet troops in the era of cold war and they fought a war for decades and defeated the Soviet Russia’s troops that were in Afghanistan for hegemonic purpose. They were provided with support in every possible way from weapons to intelligence by the US and its allies then.

Now, they became terrorists when they start to fight against the occupation of the US and its allies including Germany. Afghanistan is a region that historically brought mighty armies to their region. It is better for them to withdraw from Afghanistan before facing embarrassing defeat like USSR at the hands of determined Afghan people.


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