North Korea Restrained Itself from Retaliation

North Korea restrained itself from retaliating South Korea’s life-fire464 military drill that went on as planned in Yeonpyeong Island, with a small contingent of the US personnel helping the drill. North Korea said the world would now understand who the true champion of peace was and who the real provocateur of a war was.

After the drill, China reiterated both sides to observe restraint and called to prefer dialogue when problem arises. Russia also urged both sides to restrain from provocation as reported by BBC News.

Meanwhile, UN Security Council talks ended without a deal on the weekend, reportedly after China refused to agree to a statement critical of its ally, the North. The US has backed the South’s right to carry out the exercises. Bill Richardson, the governor of New Mexico is in North Korea as an unofficial envoy for the US to soften the atmosphere. CNN reported that northern officials told Mr Richardson they would allow UN nuclear inspectors back into the country, but there has been no official comment.


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