Abused Iraqis Denied Justice in British Court

A British High Court denied claims for a public inquiry by more than 200 Iraqi civilians. The Iraqis demanded public inquiry into the mistreatment by British troops in Iraq. They alleged that the British troops subjected them to sexual, physical and psychological abuse when they were arrested for allegedly having links to militants. The lawyer for the Iraqis said the victims wereyoukilledmyfather bitterly disappointed with the verdict.

Two judges upheld Defence Secretary Liam Fox’s refusal to order a wide-ranging investigation, but said one could be "required in due course". Mr Fox contended that the abuse was not systemic and was only carried out by a few bad apples. The Ministry of Defence has set up a dedicated Iraq historic allegations team to look into claims of abuse by British soldiers.

The lead claimant, Ali Zaki Mousa, alleges he endured months of beatings and other abuse in the custody of British soldiers in 2006-07. He told the BBC World Service in 2006-07 he had been blindfolded and beaten by UK troops after being arrested in the southern Iraqi city of Basra on suspicion of being affiliated with militias.

Public Interest Lawyers (PIL), representing the Iraqis, had argued that those investigations were insufficient to meet the UK’s obligations under Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which prohibits inhuman and degrading treatment. "Their accounts detail thousands of instances of sexual, physical and psychological abuse – abuse that clearly had systemic causes which cannot be investigated by an internal MoD investigation manned by the Royal Military Police," Iraqis’ solicitor Phil Shiner said as per BBC News.


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