Italy Education Reforms Face Fierce Opposition from Students

As part of wider austerity measures to reduce budget deficit, Italian government proposedItaly students strike education reforms the bill on which is introduced in Senate on November 22. Thousands of students opposing the reforms took to streets in several cities of Italy. Analysts say the Italy’s education sector is already under-funded. The education minister aims to save 9 billion Euros by cutting spending on public education system.

Because of reforms, the number of university courses would be cut down, some smaller universities would be merged, funding for grants would be reduced, the role of the private sector would be encouraged and the duration of rectorships would be limited. Private friendly media continued to support reforms attempting to reduce the scale of opposition to reform measures. The BBC reporter said Italy’s aging professors and teachers possessed excessive powers.

The spending cuts in education will lead to loss of nearly 130,000 jobs in education sector. Irony is that Italy spends less than 5 percent of its GDP for education, which is less than many developed countries.


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