UK trains Bangladesh Death Squad –Wikileaks

One of the cables from the US ambassador to Bangladesh sent to the state department reveals that the UK’s Policing Improvement Agency is providing training to Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) in crime scene management and investigation through officers from West Mercia Police and Humberside Police. RAB is accused of violating human rights by Human Rights Watch.

British High Commission officials have confirmed the news, BBC reported. TheyBangladesh RAB were quoted as saying that the training program had begun in early 2008 and will conclude by March 2011. They emphasised the training focused on human rights and it provided the RAB with skill-set to conduct law enforcement duties in an ethical manner. However, they declined to comment on whether training is meant as counter terrorism effort in Bangladesh.

They said the areas covered include basic human rights training; interview skills, investigation skills, basic scene of crime skills, inclusion on a range of legal and human rights focused events. Human Rights Watch said in its report last year that RAB had an operating culture of extrajudicial killings perpetrated by its members with impunity.

Another cable said the US would not offer tactical training to the RAB because of its human rights record. RAB is said to consist of 9000 troops that was alleged to killing more than 550 people. The cables were sent by the US ambassador to Dhaka Jams Moriarty.

It is ironical that the US and the UK, who committed war crimes and killed thousands of innocent civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan; subjected arrested people to inhuman sexual, physical and psychological torture, are giving training to other country’s troops in preserving human rights.


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