Development Model of EMEs Goes Against Environment Protecting Laws

Article first published as Development Model of EMEs Goes Against Environment Protecting Laws on Blogcritics.

Two international conferences aimed at formulating an agreement to be accepted by all countries of the world have failed to achieve their goal. Copenhagen Conference in December 2009 and South Korea Conference in December 2010 have utterly failed due to pressures from multinational companies of the US and the EU, which are mainly responsible for theGlobal-Climate-Change greenhouse gas emissions and hence for increase in temperature of the Earth planet. Recently, the development model proposed for the Emerging Market Economies (EMEs) by the world’s big powers such as the US, the EU and Japan along with WB and IMF are adding fuel to fire.

Because of the policies of Liberalisation, Privatisation and Globalisation, forced through WB and IMF by the imperialist powers, EMEs have become so by relegating welfare principles of the state capitalism implemented for the so-called benefit of people by the earlier leaders of those countries. As national character of the ruling classes in majority of the EMEs are subservient to the interests of the imperial powers these countries adapted principles of the free market economy with the successful conclusion of the Uruguay Round trade negotiations under supervision of the imperialist countries.

As environmental concerns occupied the main stage in imperialist countries because of the movements of the environmental organisations, such countries have brought tough environment laws that effectively limited the activities of the multinational companies. MNCs of the imperial countries had to curtail their production activities to escape from higher costs emanated from the environment laws. They shifted their production and assembling activities to third world countries to benefit from the absence of tough environment laws along with utilising cheap labour costs available in those countries.

Successful conclusion of the Uruguay Round trade negotiations, adaption of the LPG principles and shifting of MNCs’ production to third world countries have resulted in transformation of leaders of the third world block such as India, Brazil, South Africa and East Europe countries into Emerging Market Economies. Now the MNCs of the Imperialist countries that caused immense environmental degradation in their parent countries began to cause damage to environment in EMEs also. As they formed joint ventures with the local big companies in EMEs, big capitalists of the EMEs also began to contribute their own damage to environment in major third world countries releasing greenhouse gases, occupying vast swaths of the fertile land to establish their subsidiaries or joint ventures and intensive deforestation.

Imperialist countries shed crocodile tears for environmental damage (caused by their own MNCs) on one hand and they extend their strong support to the activities of their MNCs in EMEs on the other hand even though they are causing extensive damage to the environment in such countries. Such support is extended in several forms such as political lobbying, economic conditions, nuclear sanctions regime, diplomatic blackmailing and other pressure tactics.

Adaption of Free Market Economic principles is the essence of the development model promoted by the world imperialist system under the leadership of the United States and the EU leaders Germany and France along with Japan. They effectively utilized WTO trade negotiations to achieve that goal. As the leaders of the EMEs China, India, Russia and Brazil along with Malaysia began to raise their voices to reform WTO and IMF in accordance with the changed economic influences, the Imperialist block began to promote G20 block where EMEs have chairs beside imperialist powers to satisfy the demands of the EMEs. WTO is temporarily kept aside, which will be reactivated as soon as targeted conditions are achieved for smooth running of the WTO, which is another matter.

Now EMEs are arguing that as the Imperial countries developed at the cost of the future of the earth planet, they have to bear the burden and pay the cost of the environmental damage caused so far. And, the EMEs had to be allowed to develop even at the cost of the raising temperature of the planet earth. If the interests of the people of the EMEs are involved in such argument, it can be accepted as genuine. However, such argument is put forward mainly for the benefit of the MNCs of the developed countries that migrated from their parent developed countries to escape from tough environment laws and higher salaries and to utilise cheap labour costs and the absence of tough environment laws in EMEs. So, the developed imperialist countries will not allow their MNCs to cause further damage to the environment on their land but they will extend indirect support to their companies in EMEs at the cost of environment in EMEs.

Even though the EU and Japan are the signatories of the Kyoto protocol that placed major burden on the developed countries for the emission of the greenhouse gases, it is going to end from 2012 onwards after which non-binding Copenhagen agreement or South Korea agreement is likely to come into force in the absence of legal agreement. The US, the most irresponsible state and that fulfil all conditions to be called as a rogue state, denied to be a signatory of the Kyoto Protocol. It also blocked every effort to make it a legally bonded country to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, during Copenhagen conference as well as South Korea conference. The EU and Japan are now showing the US as an excuse to escape from Kyoto Protocol.

In the end, the people of the EMEs are becoming the ultimate bearers of the greenhouse gasses emitted by the MNCs in their countries. The so-called development achieved through the implementation of the free market economic principles will never reach common people in the EMEs. Interests of the Multinational Companies of the imperialist powers will not allow any of the states of the EMEs or any other country for that matter to observe strictly the environment protecting laws. We can see the example of India for instance.

Environment ministry of India is trying to implement the already weak environment laws under the leadership of its minister Mr Jairam Ramesh. Even implementation of such weak laws is facing severe hurdles from the other ministers who are market oriented. The Prime Minister of India Mr Manmohan Singh, a former WB employee and hard-core supporter of the market economy principles is their leader. He delivers speeches for strict observation of environment laws at world conferences but promotes anti-environment economic principles at home.

It is because he is the most sought after PM for India by the imperialist powers especially the US. Mr Jairam Ramesh is depicted pro-active and anti-development in international western media such as Reuters and BBC. The fact is that he is just trying to implement environment laws that are very weak comparing with those in the US and Europe. The Western powers are still free market economies and the Indian Environment Minister is pro-active and anti-development. Unless the US and Europe agree to commit for legally binding targets of greenhouse gasses reduction, our beloved planet earth, that possess such an atmosphere which protected the humankind so far will become a victim of the selfish and disastrous activities of the same humans.


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