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New Zealand Journalist’s Indecent Slur on Indian Chief Minister

Article first published as New Zealand Journalist’s Indecent Slur on Indian Chief Minister on Technorati.

Racism is still standing on strong roots around the world it seems. Several numbers of human rights’ organisations, international anti-racism promoting organisations and equality laws are there in the world, but are not able to curb the inhuman, indecent and vulgar attitudes of the vulgar people, even among the intellectual world.

paul_henry Adding Insult to Injury

Paul Henry, who hosts the Breakfast show on state-owned broadcaster TVNZ, has deliberately mispronounced the name of the Delhi Chief Minister Ms. Sheila Dikshit even after he was told by the lead anchor that it was pronounced like “Dixit.” Adding insult to the injury the racial protagonist Paul Henry went on to say, “her name is so appropriate because she is Indian.”

Adding more insult, the particular clip was promoted on the Video Extras section of TVNZ’s website under the tag “Paul Henry laughs about the name Dikshit.” After receiving at least four complaints about the clip, as reported by the Sydney Morning Herald on its website a day ago, the clip has been removed now.

Racial Vulgarity

Henry went on to produce his racial vulgarity ridiculing the New Zealand’s Indo-Fijian Governor General Sir Anand Satyanand right in the conversation with New Zealand’s Prime Minister John Key. Paul Henry asked the Prime Minister whether Anand was a New Zealander or not, and whether the PM was going to pick someone who looked more like a New Zealander next time.


Turkish leader calls on Berlin to sack central bank official over racism

Deutsche Welle | 28.08.2010

Sarrazin Chairman of Germany’s Turkish Federation, Kenan Kolat, called for central bank board member Thilo Sarrazin to be removed from his post after fresh comments criticizing Muslims in Germany. "I am calling upon the government to begin a procedure to remove Thilo Sarrazin from the board of the central bank," Kolat told the German daily newspaper Frankfurter Rundschau on Saturday, August 28. In his book "Deutschland schafft sich ab" ("Germany does away with itself"), Sarrazin claims that members of Germany’s Muslim community pose a danger to German society. Sarrazin, a member of the Social Democrats (SPD) and Berlin’s former finance chief, was reported in June as saying that members of the Turkish and Arab community were making Germany "more stupid." With his book, Kolat said, Sarrazin had overstepped a boundary. "It is the climax of a new intellectual racism and it damages Germany’s reputation abroad," Kolat said.

High birth-rates

In a serialization of the forthcoming book in the German popular daily newspaper Bild, Sarrazin said that Germany’s Muslim community had profited from social welfare payments far more than they contributed, and that higher birth-rates among immigrants could lead to the Muslim population overtaking the "indigenous" one in terms of numbers. Merkel’s chief spokesman Steffen Seibert said on Wednesday that many people would find the remarks "offensive" and "defamatory," adding that the chancellor was concerned. Members of the SPD have distanced themselves from Sarrazin’s comments, while Germany’s Green and Left parties have called for his removal from the central bank’s board. A Bundesbank spokesman said that Sarrazin’s latest remarks were personal opinions, unconnected with his role on the board.

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Israeli military chief defends Gaza flotilla raid

The head of Israel’s military has defended its troops’ use of live ammunition during a deadly raid on an aid flotilla sailing to Gaza in May.  But Lt Gen Gabi Ashkenazi told an Israeli inquiry they underestimated the threat and should have used more force to subdue activists before boarding. Nine people were killed on board the Turkish ship, Mavi Marmara, as it tried to breach an Israeli naval blockade. Meanwhile, there is disagreement over a separate UN inquiry into the incident. Israel has agreed it will co-operate only if its soldiers do not have to give evidence to investigators, who have begun work in New York. However, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has denied making such a deal. There was widespread international criticism of Israel’s actions, which severely strained relations with its long-time Muslim ally, Turkey.

‘Conflict was inevitable’

Testifying before the Turkel Commission in Jerusalem on Wednesday, Gen Ashkenazi said he took full responsibility for the army operation and was “proud” of the commandos who took part. He said they had not prepared to meet violent resistance on board the ships, and that live fire was used only after the troops were fired on by pro-Palestinian activists and attacked with knives, clubs and metal rods. But the general said “accurate weapons”, rather than stun grenades, should have been employed to incapacitate people on the deck of the ship before the commandos rappelled onto it. “We should have ensured sterile conditions in order to dispatch the forces in a minimum amount of time,” he said. “It would have lowered the risk to our soldiers but it would not have prevented the tension… Once the decision was made to stop the ship, the conflict was inevitable.”

Those on board the Mavi Marmara, where the activists were killed, say the commandos opened fire as soon as they boarded the vessel, which was in international waters at the time. The BBC’s Paul Wood in Jerusalem says Gen Ashkenazi’s remarks can be seen as part of the internal blame-game

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Oz who attacked Indian cabbie let off with light term

MSN News | 24/05/2010

An Australian youth, who pleaded guilty to recklessly causing serious injury to an Indian student-cum-cabbie two years ago, has escaped with a light punishment despite the court being told that he "hated" Indians and the attack could have been "racially inspired". Murat Kilinc, 22, was awarded three years jail term by County Court judge Joseph Gullaci who, however, said he was not satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that the attack was racially motivated or pre-planned.

According to the case, the accused had attacked the 23-year-old Indian after hiring his taxi in Campbellfield in Melbourne’s west on February 16, 2008. The latter suffered a broken nose, jaw, cheekbones and a skull fracture. Judge Gullaci said he was unable to be satisfied whether the attack was preplanned or had happened after Kilinc and another passenger intended to evade the fare, reports ‘The Age’ daily. Last week, Psychologist Rachael Freeland had told the court that Kilinc’s attack might have "subconsciously" been inspired by racial motives and that he hated Indians.  

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Middle East talks: US warning on East Jerusalem

BBC News | Thursday, 13 May 2010 | 09:06 GMT

Indivisible capital The US administration has warned against an Israeli government announcement it could continue to demolish buildings in East Jerusalem. An unnamed Obama administration official told Israeli media the US "calls on both sides to avoid inflammatory actions in Jerusalem". On Wednesday an Israeli minister said the demolition of illegally built homes of Arabs could continue. Last week indirect talks began between Israelis and Palestinians. The US State Department official was quoted as saying that they hoped the indirect negotiations, known as "proximity talks", would lead to direct negotiations between the parties and steps that would "resolve this issue once and for all".


"If either side takes significant actions during the proximity talks that we judge would seriously undermine trust, we will respond and hold them accountable and ensure negotiations will continue," the official said. On Wednesday Interior Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch had told Israel’s parliament, the Knesset, that there was no government order barring the demolition of homes illegally built by Arabs in East Jerusalem. He said that demolitions had been postponed in recent months to avoid harming the attempts by US Senator George Mitchell to reopen indirect talks. "As of right now there is no directive for police not to implement demolition orders," he said.   

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‘Go back’, attackers told Indian student in Australia

IANS | Melbourne | 14/04/2010

An Indian student, who was viciously attacked and robbed in this Australian city, says the assault was racially motivated and the assailant screamed, "Go back to your own country". Neeraj Bhardwaj, 23, was waiting for a tram near Melbourne Aquarium at 4 a.m. Easter Monday when two drunk men approached him, The Age reported Wednesday.

The men, described as white and in their 20s, told Bhardwaj to hand over his wallet. Then one man punched him several times in the face and he lost consciousness. They left only to return 15 minutes later and punched the victim again. One of the attackers shouted: "F*** off, go back to your own country." Bhardwaj suffered a damaged left eye, broken nose and and sore ribs. There have been a string of attacks on Indian students in Australia, triggering an outcry in India. The incidents soured the relationship between New Delhi and Canberra and led to a dip in the number of Indian students opting to study in this country.   

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Teen arrested in Wal-Mart racial announcement incident

CNN | March 20, 2010 | 2:35 pm EDT

Wal-Mart Police in New Jersey arrested a teenager in connection with a public-address-system announcement telling "all blacks" to leave a Wal-Mart store, a police spokesman said. The 16-year-old boy is from Atlantic County, New Jersey, said deputy police chief John Dalesandro of the Washington Township Police Department. The suspect was arrested Friday in Atlantic County on bias intimidation and harassment charges, police said in a statement Saturday. He is in custody of his parents, police said.

Gloucester County prosecutors say that shortly before 5 p.m. on March 14, an unidentified male accessed the public address system at the Turnersville, New Jersey, Wal-Mart Supercenter Store. "All blacks need to leave the store," the voice announced. Store management contacted the Washington Township Police Department, which opened an investigation in conjunction with the county prosecutor’s office, Dalesandro said.    

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