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BlackBerry Concerns around the World – Graphic

Reuters | Aug 13, 2010 | 2:52am IST

Concerns are expressed over data encryption system offered by BlackBerry to it’s customers. Messenger services and email services offered to corporate customers through ‘BlackBerry Enterprise Server’ is associated with strong encryption system. Which means data that flows through ‘BES’ can not be seen by others including BlackBerry maker ‘Research In Motion’ based in Ontario, Canada. Because codes used to encrypt the data is chosen by corporate customers but not controlled by the RIM. ‘BlackBerry Internet Service’ (BIS) is meant for consumer customers and small business which doesn’t provide encryption level equal to that provided to corporate customers through BES. Various countries are concerned with this encryption facility due to different reasons. Some say militants and terrorists may make use of BES encryption system to hide their communications from the government. Some say such facilities may be exploited for viewing pornography.

Graphical view of different countries that expressed concerns with BlackBerry and number of customers belonging to those counties, is provided hereunder.

Source: Reuters