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China’s restive Xinjiang nearly doubles security budget

Reuters | Beijing | Sat Jan 16, 2010 | 11:47am IST

The government of the restive frontier region of Xinjiang plans to nearly double its public security spending and maintain communications controls following bloody riots in the ethnically-divided capital in July. The Xinjiang government plans to spend nearly 2.89 billion Yuan ($424.8 million) this year, up 88 percent from last year’s budgetted 1.54 billion Yuan, the China Daily said, citing a report from the annual legislative meeting. The exile group Uighur American Association said it fears the near doubling of the security budget “will broaden the scope of the ongoing official repression of Uighurs and exacerbate ethnic tensions in the region”. “In the complete absence of any government acknowledgment of the deep social and developmental inequalities that contributed to the unrest… UAA is pessimistic about the possibility of any improvement in stability or social progress in the coming months,” it said.

The China Daily did not say what actual spending was last year, when 197 people died in rioting after Uighurs, a Muslim, Turkic-speaking people native to the region, protested fatal Han Chinese attacks on Uighur workers in southern China. Han Chinese launched revenge attacks on Uighur neighbourhoods two days later. Urumqi went into lockdown again when mass panic over rumours of syringe attacks led tens of thousands of Han      Continue reading


US decries Cambodia’s Uighur move

BBC NEWS | 2009/12/20 | 11:00:28 GMT

The US has expressed deep concern about the fate of 20 Uighur asylum seekers deported from Cambodia back to China. A statement by the US embassy in Phnom Penh came a day after the Uighurs were put on a plane to China, despite pleas from the UN refugee agency. The agency condemned the expulsions, saying Cambodia had committed a grave breach of international refugee law. The Uighurs fled to Cambodia after mass ethnic riots in China in July. Beijing has referred to the group as criminals. Human rights organisations have warned that the asylum seekers are likely to face persecution on return to China.

Intense pressure

“The United States is deeply concerned about the welfare of these individuals, who had sought protection under international law,” the US embassy in the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh said in Saturday’s statement. “We are also deeply disturbed that the Cambodian government decided to forcibly remove the group without appropriate participation by the office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.” The embassy also urged China to “uphold international norms and to ensure transparency, due process and proper treatment of persons in its territory”.      Continue reading