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Will Dodd’s Bipartisan Push on Financial Reform Pay Dividends?

TIME | Friday, Nov. 27, 2009

Senator Chris Dodd (left) confers with Senator Richard Shelby during a hearing on Capitol Hill

Two weeks ago, Senate Banking Committee chairman Chris Dodd unveiled an ambitious, far-reaching plan to reform regulation of America’s financial system and quickly found himself facing a brick wall of opposition erected by Republicans, regulators and financial-industry bigwigs. Now he’s trying to work with Republicans to get the thing moving again.

In recent days, Dodd has reached across the aisle to the GOP to create bipartisan working groups to tackle the four hardest questions in financial regulatory reform. Each of the working groups includes one Democratic and one Republican Senator from the committee, each of whom has one staffer along at the meetings. Between them, these 16 people are trying to rewrite the way the American financial industry does business — and, as a result, avoid another global financial meltdown. In theory, the process could succeed. “We have points of agreement,” says one top GOP staffer. But he adds: “The working groups may not work because the issues are much too complex.”       Continue reading