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Al-Qaeda Group Claims Yemeni Parcel Bomb Plots

Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), said to be a group of al-Qaeda, claimed responsibility for two failed parcel bombs sent to the US via cargo planes, which were intercepted in Dubai and the UK. It also acknowledged the responsibility for bringing down an American cargo plane in Dubai in September.

Yemeni parcel bombThe matter was revealed on siteintelgroup.com website that covers news on global terrorist networks. In a communique issued on jihadist forums on November 5, 2010 it said that the media did not point at them for September incident because, perhaps Obama administration did not want to jeopardise their chances in mid-term polls for House of Representatives and Senate as it would reveal the security failure of the US government. The US authorities and investigators did not reveal what caused the UPS cargo plane crash that killed two people onboard.

It said they struck three blows on the US air craft within one year. The two devices sent on October 29 were intercepted in Dubai and the UK and diffused with a tip-off from the Saudi government. The UK officials said the tip-off was came in from an al-Qaeda member who handed himself in in Saudi Arabia.

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Wave of Parcel Bombs Target Embassies in Greece Capital

Article first published as No Yemeni Connection to Parcel Bomb Sent to German Chancellor on Technorati.

Security officials at the German Chancellery detected a parcel bomb received at the office of the Chancellor Angela Merkel, who was in Belgium. The parcel addressed to Angela Merkel. French president’s office missed the parcel as it was intercepted in Athens itself.

Security Detection

Security men became suspicious of the parcel as the sender was given as the Economic Ministry of Greece. Bomb disposal squads were alerted and the bomb was deactivated. The bomb was discovered at noon on October 2, mailed from Greece capital Athens three days ago. The device was contained in a parcel with books in it.

Germany’s Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere was quoted by Bloomberg as saying “ThisAthens suspects was a functional explosive device.” He said the detected bomb was similar to the parcel bomb exploded at the Swiss embassy in Athens.

Targeting Embassies

Besides the Swiss embassy, Russian embassy was also hit by a parcel bomb on the same day. Greek authorities intercepted similar parcel bombs sent to Chile, Dutch, Belgian, German and Bulgarian embassies. They also seized on October 1 a parcel bomb addressed to French President Nicolas Sarkozy. Another parcel bomb sent to Mexican embassy exploded at a courier firm injuring one person.

By Tuesday evening, 11 mail bombs had been detected in the Greek capital. Two more were destroyed in controlled explosions at Athens’ international airport — one addressed to the European Union’s highest court in Luxembourg and the other to law enforcement agency Europol in the Netherlands.

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