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Palestinian U-turn on Gaza report

BBC News | 2009/10/07 | 13:11:59 GMT

The UN Security Council is set to discuss whether to hold an emergency session on the Goldstone report on the conflict in Gaza nine months ago. Libya, the only Arab state on the 15-member body, will request the session in a closed-door meeting. Palestinian officials voiced their “full support” for the meeting – after leaders were excoriated for requesting a deferral of a UN debate last week. Both Israel and Gaza militants are accused of war crimes in the report. One senior Palestinian politician, Yasser Abed Rabbo, has said the leadership had erred by seeking the deferral of the debate at the Human Rights Council until next March. “We must say a mistake has been made. This mistake should not be underestimated or concealed,” he said in a radio interview. Many Palestinians have expressed outrage at Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas for seeming to let Israelis off the hook following Goldstone’s trenchant criticism of Israel’s blockade of Gaza and attacks on its citizens. The UN panel led by eminent South African judge Richard Goldstone accused Israel of using disproportionate force and deliberately harming civilians. It urged the UN Security Council to refer allegations to the International Criminal Court (ICC) if either side failed to investigate and prosecute suspects. Israel has rejected the evidence and said it had already investigated its troops’ conduct, clearing most of the subjects of wrongdoing.

Bad for peace

Palestinian delegates in Geneva reportedly came under intense pressure from the US and Israel to seek the delay of the Human Rights Council debate. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu argued that the    Continue reading


UNHRC Report seeks close Gaza scrutiny

BBC NEWS | Barbara Plett | BBC UN correspondent, New York | 2009/09/16 | 03:52:06 GMT

A UN investigation has recommended a process that could land Israel in the International Criminal Court (ICC). The probe, headed by former South African Judge Richard Goldstone, concludes that Israel “committed actions amounting to war crimes, possibly crimes against humanity” during its Gaza offensive in December last year. It asks the UN Security Council to call on Israel to conduct “appropriate investigations,” to monitor them, and to refer the matter to the ICC if they’re deemed not to meet international standards. The report found that the firing of rockets by Palestinian armed groups also amounted to war crimes, and called for a similar process of accountability for the Gaza authorities. But the 34-page summary devoted much less space to the Palestinian violations, and particularly slammed what it called Israel’s disproportionate use of force.

UN chief ‘reluctant’

Despite the strong conclusions, there is skepticism here about how far these recommendations will go – indeed whether the matter will even get on to the UN Security Council’s agenda. The first step is for the UN’s Human Rights Council which commissioned Mr. Goldstone’s fact-finding mission to request UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to bring the matter to the attention of the UN Security Council. When asked whether he would do so,  Mr. Ban avoided answering the question directly, instead expressing support for Mr. Goldstone’s report. “I    Continue reading

UNHRC Judge Goldstone defends UN Gaza report

The UN Judge has found human rights violations on both sides. Yet both sides accused it biased. Consider what Israel ambassador Aharon Leshno-Yaar has said on the report posted below. “the report is ‘shameful'”, claiming “it has cherry-picked incidents for political effect, ignoring Israel’s right to defend itself.” So this one eyed man admits what the report has found as ‘the deliberate attacks on Palestinian civilians by Israel’ is true. But he defends those attacks as ‘Israel’s right to defend itself’. But what about Palestinians’ right to protect their land from occupation? What about their right to work, right to live with dignity, right of their nation to be sovereign? How the 60 years of occupation, racial discrimination and Zionist regime’s deliberate crimes against humanity backed by western powers should be seen? Perhaps a new apt word has to be discovered to describe these years of anti-human crimes! A friend who commented on one of my earlier post accused me of blindly believing what media like CNN writes, which is not a fact. I request that friend to read my another post that tells whom these high powered international media represent and to watch how the news are filtered to extract the required meaning. -nvs


BBC NEWS | 2009/09/30 09:26:19 GMT

UN investigator Richard Goldstone has defended his damning report on Israel’s conduct in during its operation Gaza. As the UN human rights watchdog debated the report, which accused Israel and Hamas of war crimes, he rejected what he called a “barrage of criticism”. A US official dubbed the report “deeply flawed”. Israel dismissed it as biased. Separately, a UK court has rejected an attempt by a Palestinian group to have Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak arrested for alleged war crimes. Under the principle of universal jurisdiction, war crimes suspects can be tried in British courts. But the British court ruled that Mr. Barak had diplomatic immunity. A slew of critical reports have raised concerns that Israel and Palestinian militants may have    Continue reading