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US says it is not mediating between Blackberry maker and India

Yahoo News | PTI | Sat, Aug 14 2010 | 11:42 AM

The US has said it is not mediating between the Blackberry maker RIM and India, which has asked the smartphone vendor to provide access to some of mobile messaging services or face ban in that country.”While we have been in touch with our foreign partners, this is a matter for Research in Motion (RIM) to work out directly with Indian officials,” the State Department said in a statement in response to a question if the US is mediating on the Blackberry dispute. With several countries including India, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia threatening to stall Blackberry services in their countries because of similar concerns, the State Department official this week met RIM officials to discuss the issue.

The State Department officials have also been in touch with these countries to understand their security concerns. The Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, last week had termed the security concerns of these countries as legitimate. “We are taking time to consult and analyse the full range of interests and issues at stake because we know that there is a legitimate security concern, but there’s also a legitimate right of free use and access. So, I think we will be pursuing both technical and expert discussions as we go forward,” Clinton said.

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Clinton says US ready to help in Falklands dispute

BBC News | Tuesday, 2 March 2010 | 08:21 GMT

The US is ready to help Britain and Argentina resolve their dispute over the Falkland Islands, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said. Argentina claims sovereignty over the Falklands, which it calls the Malvinas. It has been angered by the UK’s decision to begin drilling for oil under a seabed off the islands. Mrs. Clinton said the row should be resolved between the two, but “if we can be of any help in facilitating such an effort, we stand ready to do so”. Ms. Clinton spoke before she met Argentine President Cristina Fernandez as part of a tour of Latin America. She is also due to visit Chile – reeling from a massive earthquake which killed more than 700 people – Brazil, Costa Rica and Guatemala.

The AP news agency reported that at the meeting, Argentina asked for US help in resolving the dispute. “What we have requested is mediation as a friendly country of both Argentina and the United Kingdom,” it quoted Ms. Fernandez as saying. After the meeting, Mrs. Clinton said the US wanted to encourage dialogue but was not offering to act in a mediating role. “We’re not interested in and have no real role in determining what they decide between the two of them. But we want them talking and we want them trying to resolve the outstanding issues between them,” she said. “We recognise that there are contentious matters that have to be resolved and we hope that they will do so.”     Continue reading