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Hello Friends! blogers!! and Readers!!!

I’m Sekhar from India. Basically this blog is started to collect financial, political and sociological news, articles, and news paper cuttings informing about events that influence mostly the citizens of the world. News delivered by corporate media may not be 100 percent true. They are like ‘Manufacturing Consent’ But they may give some insight into what is happening around the world. I thought If all of these are put together at one place we can gain some knowledge about what is actually happening around us (as argued in ‘Chaos Theory’) in political and financial fronts on world arena. We may sometimes reach the facts (again as in ‘Chaos Theory’) that are not openly available on INTERNET or  global corporate media. I may also post ‘quotes’ that I like, interesting pictures, videos and at times my own articles. Visitors may leave their comments which may either be positive or negative. Advices are mostly welcome.

With greetings.


…due for edition


  1. navanavonmilita

    My dear Vijay,

    Long time no see. I accidentally came upon your website.

    I am not kidding. New Google “Instant” search brought me to your site. I wrote an article on their newest and craziest addition, “Instant” search. When I posted it to newsgroups and came back to google whether it registered my daily contribution to the “Chaos Theory.”

    Lo and behold. They do. That is how I stumbled on your site.

    Happy Jewish New Year and Happy Eid al fitr to you and yours, family, friends, neighbors and readers.


    …and I am Sid Harth

  2. navanavonmilita

    I think, Theredore, I am : Sid Harth

    cogito ergo sum, Latin for my title.

    I am with Vijay one hundred and ten percent. The wotld, as we live and the world I knew, oops, that gives out my age, has changed very rapidly. So much so, that we humans ought to get worried sick.

    I made many gurus in my life. Once, when I was finding fault, too many faults with my Yoga teacher, Yogendra, of Intarnational Institute of Yoga, Santacruz, Bombay, his elder son, who was managing the campus, softly said, it is normal for a person to have many gurus.

    I thought it was a very statesman-like statement. True too.
    Getting back to my topic, I have a bad habit of getting out of my main subject, I made one wester guru, long time ago. His name is Malcolm Muggeridge. A professor in University of Toronto. His thesis became a buzzword.

    He said that “Media is the Message.”

    I truly believed then, he is no more, may God bless his soul, and now after so many years the truth of his remarkable insight.

    The all consuming color TV was dominating the western world. Newspapers, magazines, books and other media, such as movies were frightened to death. Especially, the movie Moguls.
    Suddenly, they found a new industry, prime time soap operas. Those who heard the call from TV came running, leaving their budding careers. Writers, producers, directors, screen play writers, clowns and bit actors. They found the gold mine in this new medium.

    My point is that media shapes our lives. Media is the message.
    In this newer medium, Internet news, we are bombarded with so called news. It is a manufactured product. There are several cases which can be cited to augment my point.

    For instance, The Times of India, as the version appearing on their internet version. I find it galling to find items that do not appear in their local print versions.

    Sex. India is a conservative country and most everybody keeps the appearances and maintains their conservative persona. Not the old lady of Bombay, TOI. She has cast off her clothes, so to speak, for the benefit of all those gold digging Indian-Americans. Sex sells, perhaps not in geographical India but surely, in America.

    Please visit their internet site and find the truth. Crass and ugly materialism with sexual overtones, that’s what you will find.
    Once more, “Media is the Message.”

    I rest my case.


    …and I am Sid Harth

  3. navanavonmilita

    I don’t know whether Jai was commenting on V Sekhar’s introduction or to my comment. However, I shall make it convenient to address the issue.

    Yes, there is a mechanism to filter out the real McCoy and the fake, self-promotional propaganda. The answer is provided by Jai himself. He opened the topic for further clarification. Someone else may be benefited by such open discussion and determine which is real and which is fake.

    Nobody is the expert and everyone either keeps his own opinions to him/herself or airs out them and finds the truth.


    …and I am Sid Harth

  4. Jai

    hi, you say what media provides may be ‘manufactured’. how do you clear the air if you repost the ‘manufactured’ content and increase its volume in the world? also, do you have a corrective mechanism for re-presenting accurate facts? Thanks.

    • nvijays

      Hi Jai

      Well, Sid Harth is faster than me, and thanks to him. Agreeing with him I extend the understanding a bit.

      All manufacturers do not aim the same product. They represent different interests of different oligarchs, MNCs, TNCs, Cartels, or Syndicates what ever it is… you name it. Same content is processed in different ways. If you can catch the difference, aimed products as well as ‘differences in nature of products’ are captured. During the process of understanding and capturing the differences, elements of truth will be revealed one by one. Sometimes whole issue may be revealed and sometimes partial truth may only be revealed. Basing on the partial truth another portion of the truth can be traced and so on. It depends. It depends on seeing things and issues, in particular and in general also.

      This process of revelation do not stop at a single issue or subject. Outlook, analysis, synthesis, understanding, concluding all these factors play their role. These factors are the requirements to grasp the truth. One may possess all such factors like Sid Harth (hope so…) or may possess a group of factors. It also depends.

      That’s how it evolves. Of course! As said by Sid Harth nobody is perfect.

  5. navanavonmilita

    My dear Vijay,

    Your name, “Vijay,” Sanskrit for ‘win,’ has really won my heart. What you do is absolutely marvallous. In this information age, to my great surprise, I find people who form opinions not based on the truth but on what information is fed to them. That is so Neanderthal like. We have passed that stage. We must keep up with the progress.

    One way we can keep ourselves on the edge, both intellectually and spiritually, is to look around. Not for answers but for burning political, social, moral and spiritual questions.

    I find it bit jarring. Everybody has a right to their opinions. There is no such a thing as a ‘wrong opinion.’ However, one’s responsibility is to constantly update one’s opinion, based upon available data.

    You provide such service to them. may god bless you.


    …and I am Sid Harth

  6. bhaskar

    నాకు ఏమీ మెసేజ్ రాలేదు. నీ మెయిల్ లో మరో మెసేజ్ పెట్టాను. చూసి నీ కామెంట్ పంపు.

  7. bhaskar

    హాయ్ కామ్రేడ్,
    ఎలా ఉన్నావు? నీ బ్లాగ్ చూశాను. ఆర్టికల్స్ చాలా బాగున్నాయి. ఐతే నాకు ఇంగ్లీషు చదవటం వచ్చు గాని అర్ధం చేసుకోవటం రాదు. ముందు చదువుతాను. తర్వాత సంగతి తర్వాత. మరలా కలుద్దాం కామ్రేడ్!

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